Nastia in Reality Show

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Quite different from her usual look

Well, as an elite gymnast under martha, she’s used to pain and mental abuse…terrible that that is true.

I think she wins (if there is a “winning”) on the show.

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At first I thought “how stupid.” But it actually looks kinda cool. And yes, Nastia should do very well on this show.

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It has started. There’s a pink unitard in Jordan.

Nastia doesn’t deal well with the grappling. It’s supposed to be controlled aggression but she had a meltdown about involving herself so she barely tried. We know she went through some shit during her athletic career so I wonder if the meltdown had something to do with that.

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A short lived topic, Nastia withdrew from the show this episode.

Whelp, I suppose I will not be surprised when I watch it now

Sounds like some drama went down with Nastia, too.

Gus Kenworthy later confronted Nastia Liukin about the incident and said he felt it was unfair to everyone that she held up the process and was given a passing rating when others failed. Liukin said she didn’t like the idea of being looked down on by her peers for receiving special treatment, and Kenworthy’s comments confirmed that was the case.

Wow. She looked to be a very strong competitor.

Of fucking course there is.