Mountain West conference adds gymnastics

Boise St, Utah St, San Jose St, and Air Force will be competing in the Mountain West conference starting next season. With BYU off to the big 12, I wonder where Southern Utah ends up?

ETA that leaves the MPSF with only 3 teams

Boise State women's gymnastics joins Mountain West Conference |

So with just Southern Utah left, MRGC will end up folding leaving Southern Utah as independent.

However, MPSF is then left with only 3 teams Sac State, Alaska, and UC Davis.

I would think Southern Utah might join MPSF or seek to be an affiliate with Mountain West, or they will be like Fisk, Greenville, and Simpson and just be independent.

I am also wondering if Fisk, Greenville, and Simpson create their own conference along with Talladega.

It would become the third D 3 conference. I wonder if WIAC and NCGA East would agree to allowing a 3rd conference because that would screw up their regionals and nationals selections.