Morgan Hurd tears ACL

So, that sucks. Been a rough couple of years for her.

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She cannot catch a break.

She did a whole tour… :astonished:

I can’t believe Aly did a whole career of these amanars and yet never had a serious injury. yet Morgan with her clean technique is on her 17th surgery


Any physiologists in the house? I do wonder what role genetics plays here? surely the elasticity of tendons and ligaments has a genetic component. some people just have a better genetic propensity to avoid these types of injury?


Remember Brestyan legs jokes? Aly was always extremely well conditioned.

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That gif needs a trigger warning @Doug1233!


Aly mentioned in her book that during her comeback she saw the nutritionist of the Patriots and the diet he put her on got rid of her nagging Achilles pain. Besides that, I have no idea.

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I would definitely not have posted it if it resulted in an injury. I like that WWGym/Gymnaverse doesn’t divulge in injury-porn.

But we have seen ACL tears that looked so much less bad than that. Mustafina’s 2011 Euros vault, for one, was so much better landed than this Aly vault.

Yes I guess Mihai and his Brestyan legs for sure gave that extra bit of protection but seriously. I can’t believe she walked away from that.

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I would say I can’t believe no one stepped in and say she very clearly shouldn’t be doing that vault, but…USAG. :woman_shrugging:

Its not like that was a particularly unusual vault for her. Her Amanars were always “twist until I hit the mat and PRAY PRAY PRAY!” Stupid FIG vastly overvaluing the vault, stupid Mihai for risking his gymnast’s knees every time she did it, and stupid USAG being just fine with the whole thing.

(Obligatory: fuck, I hated her gymnastics so much. What a goddamn eyesore. Pass me the eye bleach)


Oh I know and I wasn’t actually criticising! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: It was just jarring AF, that’s all.

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I just want to add that the fact that Aly’s sloppy as fuck knee-ripper vault Doug posted was awarded a 9.15 e score. What a fucking insult.

ETA: Just went and looked at 2015 nationals scores. BAWHAHAHAHAHA, were the judges on crack that year? They threw out some crazy high vault scores.

A possible issue with Hurd FX is the “Haleigh Bryant deduction,” where the rules technically require at least one line of 3 acro skills. So, if she wanted to do floor, she’d inevitably have to do a running, three-salto pass, RO or flyspring to two saltos, or RO+flic to one salto, even if she does only two passes.

I’m not clear on whether floor or bars bother her elbow more. Either or both could be the culprit, but with an ACL, you have to think beam and bars is the plan for the near future, assuming she doesn’t medically retire or transfer. Her lowest-impact 10.0 SV path on floor is all twisting saltos, and Florida needs her most on bars, probably.

presumably she can do a round off no?

I think the issue is really just balancing the pounding and stress on the elbow. It’s not a weakness in the joint–as I understand what she’s said, it’s a genetic condition where the extra stress on her elbows causes them to grow painful excess cartilage, which also limits range of motion. It’ll continue as long as she does high-stress activities, but can be managed by managing the amount of stress.

So it’s plausible that if, for example, she had a hands-free beam routine and didn’t vault, she’d be able to handle bars and floor with minimum pounding, but that’s entirely speculation of fans on a medical condition we don’t really know the details of.


I’d hope so. It’s just worth mentioning “Bluetooth” NCAA floor is tougher than beam, usually, and I don’t think Hurd has ever done RO+flic (or even a RO) into anything but double saltos?

And she runs into her front twisting passes, which would be much lower impact than RO+flic+double back each week. Hopefully RO+bwd 3/2+front 1/1 or something works out, because in a rage-inducing FIG-style move, NCAA now values these a tenth higher than DLO.

Pre-acl tear front lay front full punch front would’ve worked, and maybe still could. She trained that w/ front 2/1 as a junior iirc.


I guess one armed elements on beam would also be available to her as well, if it’s just one elbow? Probably not going to work on floor.

Maybe not so stupid Mihai though. She was fine. Mihai seemed to have faith in his Brestyan leg super conditioning and it worked.

Morgan is using the pronouns they/them now, just FYI.

Lol I checked her Twitter and apparently it’s “any pronouns”….