Mikulak breaks up with his fiancee

“It’s not often you date someone that changes your life so drastically that you can’t be together anymore. Mia and I broke up a month ago and want to be able to show our authentic selves moving forward in our new chapters of life. We’ve been each others best friend for so many years and we’ll continue to support and love each other in our future endeavors. It may be the end of our relationship but it’s the beginning of a new friendship.”

They were only engaged a year, and this was posted only 11 weeks ago:

Speculation on Reddit that she has recently come out.

does help explain why he went to world selections after he previously said he was done.


Either she has indeed come out or she is one strong ally to put the Pride flag emoji upfront like that.


Ugh this is not the person in this couple i was praying for Jesus to take out of the closet


Still plenty of time for him, too…


Wow, I did not even realize that Mikulak went to the world selection camp.

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If I’m remembering correctly, he attended but I don’t think he competed

It’s sad they broke up, but it’s probably better to realize they’re not right for each other before getting married.

I also forgot how thirsty this forum is.


Mike Tyson Water GIF by Shark Week

Yeah, better now than in a year or two.

Says you with that username


At least nobody here made a ranking of hottest feet at MAG Trials.

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My username was inspired by jealousy rather than lust. :upside_down_face:

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Credit where credit is due. This is probably the funniest burn post at Gymnaverse so far. :slight_smile: