Michigan videographer....alleged creep

Yellen was a staple at every Michigan meet and most big R5 meets. I was always told that he was USAG certified as a photographer (and possibly as a coach)and that he was an official videographer for NAWGJ

No he does not work for Region 5 insider! He was employed by the judges to video for their training and by some clubs. Totally separate from the Insider!

They may have used his videos, as they use videos from all of us club coaches as well.

I have only ever seen two people running the Insider cameras, Jason and Kim. David was always doing his own videos of the kids whose parents paid him to, and occasionally a few others to give to the Michigan judges for training. I am from Region 5 and Mich and I have seen all of these people at almost every meet. Please change this headline as it is very detrimental to the people running the Insider!

gotcha…i was told that he worked for R5 insider, they must’ve been mistaken. I will fix that in my post

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Like i said i dont believe so. I have never seen that interaction. At most he possibly sent them videos that he had that they have missed, but all of us coaches did that for them as well.

I also know Jason and Kim and agree with you. R5 Insider is a great organization.

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Definitely dont want their names dragged thru the mud if its not warrented! They do us a great service!

Yes. I Agee. Wouldn’t want to implicate them in something that has nothing to do with them. I have fixed the issue already. Fixed it as soon as it was brought to my attention. At this point they have nothing to do with this thread

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Michigan photographer took photos of children’s feet at gymnastics events, affidavit alleges - mlive.com this article appears to give much more information as to the charges and what they are based on. I saw a few people on IG asking for anyone with experiences with Yellen (good or bad) to contact the law enforcement. Not sure if that was a plea by individuals or a plea encouraged by the law enforcement though

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