Men's Program At USOPTC Shutting Down; EVO to privately fund much of team

This is very true. I really don’t know what to think about this whole thing in general. The funding is the biggest question in my mind though… anything is possible as long as there is enough money… but… is there enough money?

I think the Hamm twins were involved in something like this back in the day. I’ve also forgotten the name and details I’m afraid. Kensley mentioned it on GymCastic (might have been a Behind The Scenes episode) when this came up recently so I expect it’ll be discussed again when they are back from their break. I’ll dig out my IGs from the time to remind myself of the name at some point.

There was Team Gattaca and Team Chevron

“The petition supposedly comes from Team Gattaca, a corporate-sponsored organization that gives money to top gymnasts whose training is affecting their ability to work and earn a living. The difference between Gattaca and Team Chevron, a similar organization, is that Chevron’s corporate sponsors give their money to USA Gymnastics, who funnels it to athletes it deems deserving. Gattaca, on the other hand, handpicks its athletes and cuts out the middleman.”

I thought she quit EVO years ago. Then she started selling MLM stuff. I don’t think she’s officially with any gym doing day-to-day coaching. Looking at her social media she started a consulting business and goes around the country to different gyms doing clinics. She went to Amsterdam to consult/coach there multiple times, then went to the Olympics with the Dutch team. She got a degree in business management. She passed the Brevet test in March.

Same, and if it doesn’t work they won’t have the USOTC to fall back on.

There was the Team Hilton HHonors thing too for a while.

The sponsorship that fell apart (with all kinds of drama) was Gattaca, but the leadership in the current situation is very different — Steve Butcher and Kevin Mazeika are VERY experienced, successful leaders. The situations are Night vs. Day.

We actually agreed to host a Q&A with Manny Galarza at the previous incarnation of Gymnaverse, aka WWGym. Many people showed up for that talk. It was contentious. His ambition was enticing, and some big name gymnasts were had signed up, but I think there were just too many challenges.

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who is steve butcher

The former president of the Men’s Technical Committee (equivalent of WTC), though he recently left the FIG altogether, apparently for this role. Also, he is an excellent coach, a great leader, and all-around great person (full disclosure he used to be my coach, we are occasionally still in touch).

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Yes, Team Gattaca! That was it.

Passion, I too thought she left EVO quite some time ago, but a half-assed google search couldn’t really confirm that.

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To back of @navyblue, that is the general consensus in the gymnastics community, too. There’s a reason he became MTC president – he got along with pretty much everyone and got stuff done.

Wasn’t Kevin Mazeika in charge of the Us Men’s program at one point? I thought some of the questionable choices in 2012 where his decisions.

Half a million for a floor?? How, why. :scream:

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There is no floor that is half a million just for the floor.

Here are the most expensive floors that I know of…

With todays economy… maybe it’s $400,000 for shipping??? The other option would be if they are ripping out the floor of the building and pouring new concrete so the floor is perfectly level and not “above ground”.

Wasn’t Boorman at the Olympics with the Netherlands women’s team as a coach?

She was.

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isnt she still the team coach there?


The only thing I’ve seen about what she’s up to are her LinkedIn and photos on social media of clinics.

Is she doing public/motivational speaking? She could probably trot out her “I coached simone biles” story at 5k a pop to corporate offices all over america on a daily basis, if she wanted to.

Yep, throw in inspiring words about persistence and hard work and corporate would eat that up.

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I have heard that Syque is moving to Florida as well, but have not seen any confirmation on it.