Men's 2023 NCAA Championships

NCAA time is here! Friday and Saturday at Penn State.
I am so excited to watch these guys!

Streaming live here:


I’ll be there in person!


WOW! Last night was exciting! I cannot wait to see tonight!!!


Predictions - 1) Stanford 2) Oklahoma 3) Michigan.

AA - 1) Fred Richard 2) Asher Hong 3) Josh Karnes


Well as an Oklahoma fan, that sucked.

But it was a great meet.

As a gymnastics fan, that was an amazing meet. Those men really put on a show tonight!

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Illinois had a fantastic meet! Good on them especially with the coaching change.


Has anyone heard any status on Brody Malone?

Nope. But he was there just not competing. There is a picture of the team and he is holding the trophy.

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That’s not Brody. It looks like him. But it’s not.

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Huh. I am 99.9% sure it was him…the picture was on facebook, let me see if I can find it again.

I was there. To my knowledge, he was not there.
This gymnast from far away in the photo does look like him, though.

Is this the photo you saw?

This guy? He does look a lot like him. But it’s pretty far away. And that thing is over him.

I’m pretty sure that’s Ian Gunther.

Weird he wasn’t there at least to support his teammates.

So. As you probably know, they can only travel 16 and compete 15. The only way for him to get there is to purchase his own plane ticket. And I’m guessing that, if his injury is severe, he shouldn’t be traveling.

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Posted 9 minutes ago.

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That’s him getting off the bus with the trophy which makes a strong case for him having traveled. And he’s on his own feet. No knee brace.

Ian Gunther is holding the trophy. Brody is with crutches and a pretty hefty knee brace! He was absolutely NOT at NCAA’s.