Melanie DJDS to compete at American Classic and US Classic this year

Melanie will compete at the American and US classics this year. Obviously she cannot advance to championships but I believe she is eligible to medal, just like Irina Alexeeva did.


That will be exciting. I wonder if it will make sense for her to be peaking at one of those competitions.

Not all competitiond are equal. I’d guess “no”, it doesn’t makes sense for her to peak for Classics and so she probably won’t.

It makes sense to participate as a preparatory competition, to ease into peak form at the competition she actually needs to peak at, or even simply to keep phychologially in tune with a competition atmosphere. No need to peak.

Could she compete at Nationals as a guest?

It’s not something the US have ever done. But there are a few examples of non US citizens competing at classics

I believe citizenship is required to compete at Nationals, but I wonder if she could potentially exhibition? It seems like it wouldn’t hurt tv ratings

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That would be awesome for us. And another opportunity to get feedback on her routines.

Nationals is only a month before Worlds. If she plans on competing for France there, might she be back in France by then?

she was underwhelming at worlds. Very disappointing.

I’m aware.

France Gymnastics is also a hot mess right now. Not surprised that MDJDS wants to continue training in the US and compete as a visitor here.

Yes, I’ve been very surprised at how dire France looks just a year away from a home Olympics

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I don’t know all of the logistics happening but FG has made it so gymnasts have to train at specific clubs and not all the gymnasts are happy with the situation. So…

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thats a shame I am usually a big fan of the French gymnasts. I wanted them to look really strong in Paris.

Hopefully they have a better team placement this year at worlds

If they keep sending their best gymnasts to major compeititons without their personal coaches being acredited, they deserve to fail.

And the FFGym themselves have no idea what they are doing wrong, lol. I’ve personally heard them say “We don’t know what we are missing”.

Well, for one, let your best gymnast attend Europeans, Worlds and the Olympics with her personal coach.

Yeah, that’s bad. Even Valentina let Irina Aleexeva train in Texas

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