Melanie' De Jesus Do Santos' insane UB combo

I mean, this is pretty insane. I can’t envision whether she’d ever compete this (although, why the fuck else would they train it) but if there’s a gym god let it be competed during some kind of final and get her some hardware. Go MDJD!

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It’s a beautiful combination, but a nightmare to work out from, and so difficult it’s not really worth it. You could do Piked Tkatchev to Pak for only 0.2 less. So why even bother?

I’d be up for expanding CV to include 0.3 for F-E direct when both are release/transition.

Loving that!

Could she do an erzhova (sp) from that?

Isn’t there an exception that you’re allowed a below-bar grip change after a Marinich or Mo salto? Am I making this up lol? I just checked the code and couldn’t find it… maybe a help desk?

Yes, the exception says “Shaposhnikova” type elements with/without 1/1 turn and following elements, and the three symbols shown are for the Counter Kim, Counter Kim from toe-on entry, and the Gaylord / Mo.

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Even so, for E F 0.2 I don’t think this is worth doing, when there are so many other combinations you could do which will be worth more (I.e. which you can work both in and out of, and get CV on either side).

Well given her Bhardwaj comes before her Van Leeuwen in her current composition, the upgrade actually could very well be worth doing, if it looks like that every time!! An F release is huge. But she’s also shown a Nabieva + Bhadwaj in training and it looks incredible.

Nabieva + Bhardwaj GE .2
Komova II + Pak ED .2
Van Leeuwen + Marinich EF .2
Inbar 1/1 E
DLO 1/1 E
GFEEEEED 4.2 + 2.0 + .6 = 6.8

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Ok… this is some killer stuff. Bars is really starting to get cool.

I get the rationale that it’s a hard thing to put into a good routine construction, but it’s just so different, and it looks so flighty! Nobody connects these Shap 1/2, even the Shap connections have the weird half giant in between and most of them go into a gienger that mostly looks at least a little dumpy. She’s doing a goddamm counter kim and it looks really high (legs need work, ok, but still)

But I agree it’s thoroughly absurd that it will give her 0.2, basically the same as the Komova II-pak. And she has to learn basically a completely new F skill instead of doing another variation of the toe-on Tkachev, and there is no way in the code to reward her for that.

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Definitely cool, but I just can’t look past the ugly legs although I do wish there was an unobstructed view before being too judgmental.