MDJDS competes a Nabz


And she doesn’t flex her feet to pass the high bar

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Popa has one too, but that might be old news. Not sure if it made it to this board though.

Again I have to ask… is the Nabieva easier than a Church?

A church is a toe on piked Tkatchev.

A nabz is a toe on layout Tkatchev.

A church (E) is much easier than a Nabz (G)

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It’s a little bizarre how many more Nabievas we see though. That G is a whopper but… I long for the variety. Is anyone competing a Church right now?

Jade Carey did the Church in her 2021 Winter Cup routine. Other recent ones that come to mind are Kara Eaker (2019 Worlds and 2020 training clips including a Church+Gienger combination) and Konnor McClain (2020 Gymnix and training clips).

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I think Mai has one in her 2021 Nats routine.

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Although the distinction is significantly reduced when you’re dishing the shit out of it. If you can’t do it like Nabz, don’t bother. In this, as in so many things.


It will be interesting to see who (if anyone) does the Nabz half. Will Derwael finally get her own (solo!) named element? If Suni does it, Nina would get her second jointly named element.

Also, would it get an H? There’s rumors that the FIG will give it a G…

Personally, I’m in favor of an H with a precision deduction for turning on the bar.

Why would it be a G?! That would stink.

Maria Minaeva has also been training a Nabieva 1/2 + Ezhova, but it remains to be seen if she’ll be selected for the team.

I would hope the Nabz half would be an H but you know FIG logic…

Ha exactly. Adding a twist to a Full In on floor gets you 3 tenths, but on beam only 1 tenth.


Adding a twist to a Double Full on floor gets you 2 tenths, but on beam it gets you 3 tenths.


Simone’s dismount on beam was undoubtedly worth more than an H. It literally makes no sense. It probably should have been an J. There’s an argument for an I rating, provided the Silivas goes down to G on floor, which it should. But if you’re keeping a Silivas an H on floor it is literally insane that it’s also an H as a beam dismount.

I think they’re saying that the way Nina does it isn’t a Nabz 1/2, but a Nabz simply caught in a different grip.

I kinda agree. It shouldn’t be the case that the fwd grip CR is satisfied by catching a release in cross grip and Ezhov-ing your way to the low bar.

I hope they fix this in the next Code. The half turn should be at least 3/4 done in the air before the recatch, or it’s considered the same skill.

I really appreciate the way Derwael does her Ezhova. She achieves a nearly vertical position during the flight, while most gymnasts kind of eek their way around the skill sideways. Still, no one does it quite like Ezhova.

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And in combo too!

Also, I don’t think I’d noticed before that she too does the classic Russian orphan half pirouette. Short, of course, of handstand. Was she the first? Maybe we need to stop calling it the Komova.

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Perhaps she was!! The current Russian compulsory routine–not sure what level, but I think around age 11–features an orphan half, so the current crop seems to have that in their back pocket lol

It features like 4 orphan halfs!!

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I’m overjoyed to learn this. Is it because they’ve realised they’re all so terrible at it, or have they somehow managed to produce an entire generation who can’t hit the handstand regardless?

I’m really not sure, but I’m inclined to think it’s in preparation for the orphan half following the standard Russian inbar 1/2 + Jaeger. A decent number of the 14/15 year old juniors seem to be progressing towards the stock Russian routine. You know the one.


I wouldn’t be mad if they created a composition deduction for this. Or even called it an empty swing. It’s no less egregious than not working out of a Shap.