McKayla Maroney is Awesome

I’m a big McKayla Maroney fan…


I love Mac. She was the state of the art in vaulting. It was just so sad to see what happened to her. I hope she gets her life solidly back on track.


I think saying “what happened to her” makes it sound like it was inevitable or a passive situation. I am so sad to see what was done to her, because none of it just happened.

LOVING the gym nerd content from Maroney herself. She’s talking about the 3.5 twist.

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She also just tweeted about how hard it is for her to watch her vaults from London. She was in so much pain she was vomiting.


I also enjoyed her comment about the gainer double tuck on floor in 2011 TF. It’s great that she’s able to look back and share the good and bad along with gymnerdery.

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What was the comment?

She notices tweets about her Olympic routines.

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“I would have to pull it forward sometimes even :joy: :joy: :joy: I had to learn that cuz I kept going out of bounds lol. It made my coach so mad! :joy: :joy: cuz it always would look like I was about to go out, then didn’t.”


The book should be interesting.


Since I don’t want to create a new post, I’m putting this here:

Okay, I don’t want kids, but I’m about to go adopt this child. Last thing she needs is the trauma of a cult.

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These cults need to be made illegal.

They destroy lives and families. Pyramid schemes are illegal and these are 10x worse.