Maroney speaks out

I guess we kinda knew all this already, but put so succinctly is harrowing.

And re: the last slide - Alicia or Anna?

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Not sure but I read it to be talking about Tokyo worlds 2011. Hatch wasn’t on that team so my guess would be Sacramone.

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It’s Alicia. The Start by Believing book named her.


Anna Li. But I think it’s been revealed as Alicia

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Thanks! Totally misread as Annia.

No IG here, could anyone be nice enough to give highlights?

Alicia or Anna?

It’s Alicia. The Start by Believing Book mentions this incident and names Alicia.

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Somebody says the book “Start by Believing” reveals its Sacramone.

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Incredibly upsetting and disturbing.

Has Alicia said anything?

I’ll bet this is the last thing she wants on her timeline…

In the book she denies reacting that way and declined to comment further.

No one on the 2008 Olympic Team ever said they had been a victim of Nassar. I would say maybe he deliberately refrained from preying on certain girls so he would have this kind of built in defense? of course there is no way he could have known who would end up on the 2008 Team but there may well have been a certain age group he stayed away from for this purpose? I don’t know. Just throwing this out. I mean didn’t we always wonder why no one on that team had self-identified as a Nassar victim?

Luann Peszek was the Director of Communications at USA Gymnastics at the time. You also had a bunch of 3 different parents coaching athletes during that quad. Valeri, Andy and Jana’s mother.


Her IG slides are screenshots of her Twitter posts that I shared here (trigger alert):

Also, she gives more info on the 2012 Olympic experience in her Instagram story (YouTube capture here):

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Amazingly, the girls of that quad seemed to survive not just Nassar but Sharp too.

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Right. But why would Alicia’s reaction be to attack McKayla as opposed to wanting to find out if this was really happening. When the scandal first broke Nastia immediately (albeit only initially) strongly defended Nassar. I can not help but think there was some deliberate manipulation on his part. I could of course be totally wrong. But I have seen it with predatory Priests. There are some kids they do not touch and seem to set up to use as “character witnesses.”

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It sounds like that group of coaches was more personally involved. That was what the Spinis said spared skinner.

Both things could be true. Predators are incredibly cunning and calculating. Nassar certainly was. And they work with the situations they are presented with to their maximal advantage. All in the service of perpetuating their abuse while protecting themselves.

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And Sam trained with Marvin Sharp too.

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