Manrique Larduet says no to Olympics; David Jessen (Hana Ricna's son) is in

Big news on the men side.

Not surprised really. He seemed over gymnastics at Worlds in 2019. Surprised he has waited this long to confirm.

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Youd hope his replacement has known about this for a while?!

Hopefully the replacement has still been training.

If any nominative is injured it gets reallocated.
If I am one of the 4 reserves I am going to keep training.

It looks like Asian Championships are cancelled so those will get reallocated to next in line from 2019 Worlds. Hopefully those athletes have continued training!!!

100%. It is gymnastics. You’d be foolish not to keep training until the first green light goes on in Tokyo.

What a very cool thing for their fam!

Reliving the glory of this routine and Ricna’s reverse planche <3