Longines prize for elegance

Spin out from US nationals discussion…here are the Longines winners over the years:

Year WAG winner
1999 Svetlana Khorkina
2002 Elena Zamolodchikova
2003 Carly Patterson
2005 Monette Russo
2006 Cheng Fei
2007 Shawn Johnson
2009 Elsa Garcia
2010 Rie Tanaka
2011 Ana Porgras
2013 Kyla Ross
2014 Yao Jinnan
2015 Giulia Steingruber
2017 Brooklyn Moors
2018 Angelina Melnikova
2019 Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos
Year MAG winner
1999 Yufu Lu
2002 Xiao Qin
2003 Yang Wei
2005 Luis Rivera
2006 Ivan Ivankov
2007 Hiroyuki Tomita
2009 Daniel Keatings
2010 Philipp Boy
2011 Kohei Uchimura
2013 Kohei Uchimura
2014 Kohei Uchimura
2015 Max Whitlock
2017 Kenzo Shirai
2018 Artur Dalaloyan
2019 Sam Mikulak

Got this from wiki and I’ve not fact checked it. However most of them look right and it’s a well referenced article. Couldn’t find an official list.

Thoughts? It’s not as an egregious a list as I thought it might be given I remembered Patterson and Johnson winning.

I thought you had to compete in the AA final to be eligible but that rule (if I’m not imagining it) must have come in later given Cheng Fei won in 2006.

I think they would have given it to Raducan in 2001. Perhaps Jotchev for the men?

The criteria rarely seemed to be elegance. Some combination of popularity, elegance, facial beauty and medals?


And another subjective measure: demeanor on the competition floor?


… and sometimes it seemed to be awarded as a consolation prize


Being on home turf seemed to be play a role at times (2011, 2017, 2003, 2014).