Locklear discusses 2014 Worlds incident


So much yikes

TikTok is blocked at work. What does she say?

She discusses how she and probably Skinner (does not name her specifically, but that’s who it is) had a small amount of chicken and vegetables for lunch and were told by Martha not to join the rest of the team for dinner. Resulting in Larry Nassar smuggling them some KFC.

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Is that new news? For some reason I thought we’ve heard that before

It’s not new information. But if this is part of her processing of what was done to her then she should post it. Whatever helps.

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I heard about 2007 worlds with (I think it was Alicia) sneaking down to the lobby to pick up a pizza, and then Tasha Schwikert recently did an interview noting her younger sister Jordan would smuggle in food for the girls in Anaheim. I don’t think I heard about this one before (but I also don’t follow Ashton nor MyKayla).