Listunova in Tokyo TF

I never really digested how well Listunova did in the Tokyo TF to help the Russians toward gold. If she had qualified to AA/EF on all events and performed how she did that night, and replicated her QF vault in AA finals, she would have won AA gold, UB silver, BB silver, and FX bronze. What an entirely different Olympics that would have been.

(Obviously Biles is a bigger asterisk, but still.)


She would indeed. I thought it was very interesting at the time that they chose not to sub her into the AA final, given that the programme hasn’t historically had a problem with replacing athletes.

She was injured at the Olympics wasn’t she? Missed Worlds because she had elbow surgery as soon as she got back

if this were the days of 3 per country… what could have been? sigh… I do miss the old days sometimes

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I wonder how many of the Russian Tokyo team we’ll ever see in competition again

Yes I believe she had the elbow surgery right after the Olympics. Maybe it was a factor in the lack of substitution? To be honest, I’m still shocked they didn’t sub her in — she seemed better than Urazova and Melnikova all year and she was also the more likely to hit of the three.

And I really, really hope we see her again. (I’m not condoning the war/conduct alert, etc., but it s#cks that we may not see her again.)