Levi's Unbuttoned: the Memoir We've all been Waiting for

Levi’s Unbuttoned is not erotic fiction; it’s Jen Sey’s memoir coming out next week. I cannot wait to read it. I won’t afford it the dignity of purchase but I’ll check it out from the library. It’s the story of her tenure at Levi Strauss & Co., rising to rank of chief marketing officer until she was #cancelled by the woke mob.

I want to learn more about her corporate experience. But I also consider it a cautionary tale of how people think they’re social leviathans just because they climbed the corporate ladder. It’s common in America. But could Jen Sey convince me otherwise? Maybe she’ll have a compelling explanation of why I should take her seriously as public health authority despite her complete lack of qualifications on the subject.


$30?! Is that normal?

For a hardback, yeah

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I have seen a few of her interviews on YouTube and you can see for yourself a lot about what happened. She is unfortunately delusional with her views on social media. She likes to use it for her advantages but dislikes when it cuts her down. She doesn’t see it as wings of the same beast. She also has not learned her lesson and still uses it to lecture. I caught one of her lectures through a press release about the baby formula shortage on a brokerage news feed.

wasn’t she years in advance on the whole USAG is abuse bandwagon? I’m just asking, I really don’t know

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Yes she wrote a book, Chalked Up, and talked about abuse. She also coproduces “Athlete A” which showed how LN’s abuses were discovered in USAG.

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I read Chalked Up in 2008 and it is wild.