Let's Meet the Juniors - Russia Edition

As we enter the new quad, it would be cool to start a series highlighting the upcoming juniors from around the world who may be in Paris in 2024. I am by no means meaning to take the lead on this, but I can give a go at starting us out with Russia. Please, others who are more informed, share too. The Russian juniors had Spartakiad this summer and also Championships.

Championships results:

Master of Sport (older junior competition)
AA – 1) Diana Kustova 2) Leila Vasilieva 3) Elizaveta Us 4) Lyubov Galyuzhina

VT – 1) Leila Vasilieva (the only Y1.5) 2) Lyubov Galyuzhina 3) Ursula Shakirova 4) Diana Kustova

UB – 1) Diana Kustova 2) Leila Vasilieva 3) Sabina Kaigulova 4) Lyubov Galyuzhina

BB – 1) Diana Kustova 2) Sabina Kaigulova 3) Leila Vasilieva 4) Lyubov Galyuzhina
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FX – 1) Elizaveta Us 2) Diana Kustova 3) Maria Tretyakova 4) Sabina Kaigulova

Candidate Master of Sport (younger)
AA – 1) Anna Kalmykova 2) Zlata Osokina 3) Ekaterina Andreeva 4) Diana Parshikova

VT – 1) Anna Kalmykova 2) Ekaterina Andreeva 3) Valeria Bukina 4) Valeria Selyutina
UB – 1) Ekaterina Andreeva 2) Anna Kalmykova 3) Diana Parshikova 4) Maria Grishtayeva
BB – 1) Anna Kalmykova 2) Anastasia Bedrina 3) Ekaterina Andreeva 4) Sofia Malakhova

FX – 1) Anna Kalmykova 2) Diana Parshikova 3) Ekaterina Andreeva 4) Anastasia Tolstaya
Bonus lol:

Will be sharing Spartakiad results later, but this is enough for now hahaha. I’ve said it before–Kustova’s likeness to Mustafina is incredible.


It was, I felt a very poor competition. Kutsova is already quite big for her age, and that is not something we have managed very well in Russia in the past. She reminds me of a gymnast we have a few years back called Alyona Donodina. Very good high level skills then she grew and suddenly everything looked very difficult and laboured and lost many skills by the time she turned senior.

In some ways it is good for Mustafina in her new job, there is not so much pressure as it’s not an especially remarkable crop right now.

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Interesting. So with the US perhaps losing depth and big gymnastics from Simone and with Russia’s juniors not showing a lot of promise, we might end up seeing new World champions at some point in the future.

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methinks MaryClare is being a little tough on the juniors. No, there’s no gymnast in this crop as prodigious as Komova was, but they’re going to be set with Diana Kustova, Elizaveta Us, Leila Vasilieva, Ekaterina Andreeva, Anna Kalmykova, etc… Kustova beat all of the seniors on bars a couple of times.

Talk to us after the puberty fairy has visited them. I’m never getting invested in a junior ever again (RIP Maile’s Olympic dreams).


If Kustova grows any more she’ll be shifted to pole vaulting

Kustova’s Fabrichnova: https://www.instagram.com/p/CYBmQs4gWLQ/
Kalmykova’s Magaña: https://www.instagram.com/p/CYBmMzeArjX/

Kustova, Kalmykova, and Shapovalova have been training with the senior team this month.


Masha Kharenkova is now the junior team beam coach.


This makes me feel like an ancient mummy dragged from the tomb.

Mustafina and Kharenkova - are they learning to judge, too?

Kharenkova has judged some local meets. Mustafina - not sure.

I guess Kharenkova has given up competing and left Georgia?

Yes it looks like that way. She was really unlucky tearing her achilles in March 2021 as she’s have probably got to the Olympics otherwise given that she was 2nd reserve,

There seems to be a quiet changing of the guard at the junior level with Mustafina and now Kharenkova - let’s hope that Valentina might consider retirement

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