Leotards compared

USA Worlds vs Olympics. Which did you prefer?
I prefer the Worlds leotards.



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I always love the red, white and blue, especially for team finals. :heart::white_heart::blue_heart:


I prefer worlds, by a mile!

I thought that the US had nicer leos at Worlds than the Olympics. I especially liked the muted mauve that several wore in EF and the blue worn in podium training

The color of the podium leo was great.

I really disliked the worlds TF leo, but thought the rest were nice.

But I do just absolutely love the black and rose gold leo from the olympics. Just stunning.

Rebecca’s leotards were nice too.

Have we ever seem the lavender leos worn by the “individual” US Olympic athletes again? I quite liked them - more than the team leos

Olympic leos I liked

Pitiful to say, but I really miss this face out on the competition floor

World leos I liked

Loved the back of this one very much

This one looks great on Skye, Jordan, and Shilese. It kind of washes out the other three but I still love it.

I didn’t like this live but I like it in this picture

I flip flop between liking and not liking

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The mauve World EF leo is so nice all the red/white/blue mashups look garish in comparison.

I also like the blue flower one, but not as much as the mauve one. It’s just so pretty and was completely unexpected.

The mauve one was beautiful on all the girls but particularly suited to Shilese.

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I think the solid color lower-half leos are tough to do well–they often look like undies worn on the outside. The mauve ones are flirting with that, imo.

I think one of my favorites was the one france wore that was solid navy in the trunk so it almost looked like scuba wear. It was so different than usual.

The bold chevron olympic ones are my favorite. I also want chellsie and alicia to bring back some flame leos…

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I’m still flame leo’d out. That thing was in rotation for a solid seven years.

They could be modern tributes, i don’t require slavish devotion to the originals. :wink: