Laney Madsen

I know she competes for Bulgarian, but is she training at now.

where at now

OC Gymnastics Costa Mesa, CA

Unsure if she is currently training for elite, since she won’t be in Tokyo. She is still competing in World Competitive Cheerleading and seems focused on that.

I don’t recall her committing to NCAA so maybe she is going NCAA cheerleading route instead of gymnastics ??

She’s got some bars posts, but things definitely seem more cheer oriented. I would think it would be hard to mix the two.

I think she announced she’s going to stick around for Paris 2024 if I remember correctly.

Didn’t she commit to UCLA at one point or have I lost it?

She verbally committed in mid-2019 and was de-commited by the end of the year. It was a strange timeline, and it’s unclear what happened or if UCLA ever offered her a proper athletic scholarship vs. walk-on to begin with, but she’s not going anymore.

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Based on her level of gymnastics, and her talent in cheerleading, she would likely benefit more from a cheerleading scholarship than a gymnastics one. Her gymnastics is not really high NCAA level as her execution is quite poor and have built in deductions. She might be able to get a scholarship to a lower tiered team but she would need to clean up her gymnastics a lot.
Cheerleading, she would likely be a top recruit for the power cheerleading schools.

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