Lambananas... and other Mascots

There was great amusement and a lot of ‘WTF are these’’ faces from the medal winning gymnasts when they received the little odd shaped ‘gifts’ with their medals. So on our last day in Liverpool we have spent the morning wandering through the back streets of the city to find the cute little mascots handed out to the medalists

Are these the oddest things ever given out as gifts?

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Great story about the lambananas:


I love how I thought the word “Lambanana” was just made up here, but it turns out this thing actually IS (and is supposed to be) a Lambanana. Such a beautiful random combination of a lamb and a banana that Liverpool embraced and made their signature statue.


It’s the most unique gift I’ve ever seen out of any Olympics or gymnastics worlds.

I’ll be honest, I’d rather have a lambanana than the little rio logo scuplture tgey handed out. A lambanana on your shelf (or a flock of them) is bound to spur a conversation.

I think the best mascots given to the athletes were the ones from Beijing.

Wasn’t that Rio sculpture meant to be a medal stand or holder? I vaguely remember reading that.

That would definitely make it more useful. Its stick is rising…gonna surpass Izzy anyway.

I don’t know, getting a live bee was pretty exciting

The mascot for the Paris Olympic Games is going to be hats.

I think an anthropomorphized baguette or croissant would’ve been better.

I was hoping for an Eiffel Tower that also was a Transformer.
So Eiffel Tower mode and then robot in disguise mode.

transformers GIF


That would have been amazing!