Kohei Uchimura — Retirement of the King

I think we all saw this coming, so not much of a surprise.

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Record of all his results


Yes tbh I thought he had already announced this. All the best to him in retirement. He is an absolutely legend and I feel privileged to have watch him compete live so many times. Long live the King.

He did but then he continued past Tokyo to Worlds.

We all knew it was coming but he made it official.

Uchimura will do an exhibition March 12th where he competes on all six events.
He hinted at a coaching career.
Japan has a lot of “masters” gymnastics competitions so maybe we will see him there.


WHOA… That’s really cool! That’s something to really enjoy watching one last time. My guess is that he will do simpler exercises, but that’s wonderful because we get to enjoy his style.

Sorry — that reply wast to @OnoNoKomachi

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Since his mother competed for many years as a master I imagine he will Ono.