Kaylia Nemour's best bars set yet? Would it have won Worlds?



Doing it quickly in my head, is this 6.6 + 8.4ish? The winner had 14.966. I seriously believe this is just as good, maybe slightly better.

Komova (E) + 0.2 + Stalder full (D) + 0.1 + Ray-half (E) + 0.1 + Yezhova (D) + 0.1 + Chow (D) + 0.1 + Pak (D) + 0.1 + van Leeuwen (E)
Piked stalder full (E) + 0.1 + double layout (D) + 0.2 dismount bonus

2.0 in requirements + 4E4D + 1.0 bonus = 6.6

ETA… Okay, maybe 6.5 … I don’t think that Ray-half is creditable after all. So the same as she did a couple months ago.

I’m curious how that stalder full is being judged. By the time she finishes adjusting her grip, her body is certainly -0.5 territory…

I have her around an 8.1-8.2 and 6.5, so not quite in my mind

It’s very good though and will be even better if she can clean up the spots with soft feet and leg separations as well as the handstands and the turn on the Ray-half

As far as we know she can’t compete in most competitions in 2023, right? Her year out for switching countries expires sometime in the summer, which would be too late for any of the events which act as qualifiers for the World Championships.

If she is unable to compete at the 2023 African Championships to get to Worlds, then she can still qualify through the 2024 Continentals (All-Around only) or 2024 World Cup Series.
Most likely the later would get her in as a bars specialist, but she can only compete that event in Paris. If she aims for all around she would need to qualify at the 2024 African Championships.

I mean missing basically a whole year of competition sucks anyway, but thinking about the Olympics anyone who doesn’t go to Worlds this year is taking a big chance that they won’t be injured with the World Cups that count for Paris qualification being so tightly packed together.

Olympic apparatus qualifiers can compete on all apparatus though, like in Tokyo, and unlike the qualification system for Worlds.

Has that changed? Last I saw, World Cup qualifiers are limited to the event they qualify for.

Kaylia just won the Algerian AA title, as well as all four event finals.
She scored 14.9 on bars, although this seems a very high score considering those legs separations, flexed feet and short handstands…


She also hit the low bar on her Yezhova right?

She’s going to be an interesting gymnast to watch. No idea why she’s doing 4 tumbling passes, though, and no idea what that third line is going to be when she upgrades from the simple back layout. She needs to fix lots of basic little things on bars, too, but the bones are there for a medal-contending set.

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In the Olympic qualification rules, in the sections about qualification via the Apparatus World Cup and via Apparatus results at Worlds, there is the line

“At Paris 2024 these Apparatus Athletes may participate on all apparatus in the Qualifications”

There is also provision for a tiebreak if the same athlete finishes in a qualifying position on multiple apparatus (as happened with Jade Carey last time).

This is probably going to cause a lot of confusion this year because it’s different from the qualification system for Worlds.

Honestly, I really don’t like this at all.
The World Cup apparatus cup was made for specialists, not all arounders. But qualifying to the Olympics via the apparatus cup might be easier than trying to get through at Worlds, because first they have to qualify to Worlds through all around or team, and then place within a certain spot in all arlund qualifications.
Arguably, the athletes need to compete in multiple meets to get the points needed, but it can be just for one event.

I am sure I am in the minority here, but I just feel like if you qualify due to winning a particular apparatus, then that is your path to the Olympics, not as an all arounder.

I feel like it doesn’t add that much time to the broadcast and if you are good enough at floor and vault to make efs, but only won one, well, that shouldn’t be a penalty.


So overall less gymnastics being done at the Olympics.

For no reason other then thinking someone who qualified to the Games on beam shouldn’t be allowed to touch the bars?. Why? No one else would be going up on the other events in their place. It would just be 12 less routines for WAG and 30 less routines for MAG being seen by the public. 42 slots left empty.

Why let Jordan Chiles do AA in Tokyo? She didn’t qualify USA a team to the Olympics. The only person who did AA in TF in '18 Worlds that qualified the team was Simone. Suni wasn’t there either, so no AA for Suni. What makes these gymnasts more deserving than the individuals that are doing the work to directly qualify themselves?


This is a non-comparison. These are TEAM athletes who were selected to compete because thc country qualified a full team.

If you are only competing beam at these World Cups and do 4 beam routines and win the point total, are you really doing the work of an all-arounder? No.

Passion’s point is still valid, though. Such qualifiers should only compete in the team event, then, by your own logic earlier.

I feel like this is a totally busy-body rule. Once an athlete is at the Games, they should be able to compete. It’s always been that way, and we’ve seen lots of fun things happen due to that.

If the qualification system allowed for a LOT more specialists instead of a million AAers that placed 57th place in qualifications at Worlds, I might be open to the argument, but it’s so hard for specialists to get to the Olympics, that we should let them compete on everything they want to.

There is literally NO cost to this.

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I’m thankful for specialists being able to compete AA at the Olympics. Saved us from Skinner doing AA finals in Tokyo.


There will be quite a big rebalancing of AA v specialist spots for WAG this time round. Yeo Seo-jeong ended up being the only woman from a non-team country to make it to Tokyo through the apparatus routes, with most of the potential apparatus spots being redistributed to the AA.

For Paris there will definitely be 12 apparatus qualifiers from countries without teams, three per apparatus (two from the World Cups, one from Worlds). AA qualification will be much harder, but some of the apparatus spots will end up going to non-specialists - aside from vault there just aren’t that many genuine specialists in WAG.

Restricting apparatus qualifiers to one apparatus would only ever reduce the number of routines - the IOC will never allow the number of athletes to increase to replace one AAer with four specialists.