Karmakar contesting her Doping Ban

What is a whereabouts failure? I read the article but it never actually said what that was. I’m assuming it means she never tested positive for anything, she just wasn’t available for testing when they came around and therefore wasn’t tested?

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Pretty much. And i believe it has to happen on multiple occasions over 12 months to get a ban.

Yes. As an athlete you have to inform the testers of your whereabouts every week (I think a one hour timeslot per day). If you aren’t where you say you were going to be; 3 strikes and you’re assumed to be evading doping control.

It’s one of the reasons why people assume Simone hasn’t retired because she maintains her USADA registration.

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I don’t feel like there’s a lot of meat to hang my opinion on. If she’s flouting rules, I’d like to hear more proof. If she’s not, I’d like evidence she isn’t. [Shrug emoji].


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