Kara Eaker's Rash Beam Construction

WTF are Al and Armine still thinking?!

You can literally remove a whole series as well as a C spin and the switch ring attempt and barely dent her D-score. That’s how nuts this exercise construction is. As we have discussed a million times, even if she gets credit for the split ring and the switch ring, she’s taking 0.3 in deductions on them both and possibly on the switch half, which is borderline Skinner territory. She’s not gaining anything for them. Same for the Sissone, which is a real WTF in that construction.

Here’s what she’s trying is this:

Suggested Revision:

  • switch split + bad-side split leap + side somie (D + B + D + 0.3)
  • front aerial + Yang Bo Jump (D + D + 0.2)
  • aerial + layout + layout (D + C + R + 0.4)
  • full spin
  • switch leap + switch side (C + 0.1 and two requirements)
  • ro + bhs + double full (C + 0.1)
  • More dancing
  • removed elements: sissone (A), switch half (D), switch ring (E), needle spin (C), Korbut (B)

D-score: 6.0

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Thinking isn’t really their thing.

It’s wild that she does probably 20 skills and still counts a C (or two if the switch ring doesn’t get credit). If they haven’t gotten the less is more memo by now, I don’t think they ever will.


I would go:

Switch - Switch Half - BHS 0.4
Front Aerial - Split Ring - Korbut 0.4
Aerial Cartwheel LOSO LOSO 0.4
Switch - Switch Side 0.1
Full Turn
RO BHS 2.5 0.1

DDDCC/DDD 1.4 = 6.4

This would have been the joint second highest D Score of the Games. Only behind GCC and tied with Suni.

Tang Xijing had a 6.5 and Lu Yufei also had a 6.4. Biles had a 6.5 and Ou Yushan had a 7.0. Obviously they didn’t get full credit for all intended connections, but we’re talking hypothetically

Yes, noted. I do think the routine I proposed was do-able for her though. Very compact. Minimised rings to the one she could actually do. And got her on and off the beam ASAP.

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You can even remove the switch + switch side as well as the split ring, which was still going to get a 0.3 deduction, if not a rhythm deduction for the connections before and after. I switched the BHS and Korbut to rely on her past preparation:

Switch leap mount + Switch Half + Korbut (D+D+B+0.4)
Full needle C
Front Aerial + split + straddle (D + B + B + 0.2)
Aerial Cartwheel LOSO LOSO 0.4 (D + C + R + 0.4)
Roundoff + BHS + 2.5 (D + 0.1)

Tons of time for dance

5D + 2C + 1B + 1.1 = 5.9.

Totally possible for the above to get an E-score of 8.6-8.8, which would have been plenty for a medal, if not gold.

I think her Split Jump to Ring was capable of only getting a 0.1 hit. It was the leaps to ring that got 3s.

I just looked back at the exercise I proposed in post #1, and I forgot about the Yang Bo idea as well as the mount idea.


  • switch split + bad-side split leap + side somie (D + B + D + 0.3)
  • full needle (C)
  • front aerial + Yang Bo Jump + BHS or Korbut (D + D + 0.4) (the rhythm deductions are worth it)
  • aerial + layout + layout (D + C + R + 0.4)
  • ro + bhs + 2.5 (D + 0.1)

D-score: 6D + 2C + 1.2 = 6.2

Again, still a great E-score.

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