Judge this floor routine from Hwang Seo-Hyeon

A little ray of sunshine! What is your E-score? Also why are juniors not being given the D dismount bonus?


I have an 8.0 (A2). I love the Lobaz throwback copy into the corner before the dismount. And gorgeous rings!


What E Score did she get?

I was just to about to comment on it! I definitely rewatched her floor routine afterwards.

she really stands out!

I love her sass, and her leotard!

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Man, I hope there’s somebody who can cultivate her talent because she could not only be a star for Korean WAG but be part the beginning of Korea WAG becoming contenders. Same goes for Yeo. She was so close to a vault medal in Tokyo.

I have 8.4.

Hold up, let’s not forget that Yeo actually DID get a vault medal!

I was so happy about that. Her dad also got an Olympic vault medal. (That TOTALLY should have been gold. Nemov’s vault start values were ridiculously inflated.)


One of the comments had the score.

12,966 (4.9 D - 8.066 E)


Aaah, that’s my bad! I completely forgot she did get a medal!

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The score is fine. Completely within the bounds of Worlds judging.

Right. It beats Jordan Chiles’ Worlds EF E-score. If she can keep up the execution and add an additional 0.8-1.0 of difficulty, she’d be in medal contention.

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I had 7.9 with .3 off for artistry.

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Just because it is consistent with Worlds judging doesn’t make it fine.

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Well it means you have a problem with the Code, and not a problem with the specific judging of this routine. Very different.

It was not “unforgivable”. She was judged fairly as amongst her peers.


Yes, my problem IS with the code.

We are starting a support group. “Hello, my name is x, and i despise the FIG code…”




Yay, I have 8.3. it seems like maybe .3 amplitude was given to the front full, which is a big no. The expectation for saltos in the second part of a series is generally that they will be lower. Hers was adequate, and higher than the 1.5 twist beforehand!

I gave a 0.1 for amplitude on each of the back 1.5 and the front full. Both were warranted. I think 3 tenths would be a little too harsh for that. I don’t know where you’re getting 3 tenths from.