Jess Gadirova Floor Finals

I came across this YT Video of her D score breakdown. Of course the music is substituted so it isn’t taken down and I’m warning you there are salty words. I’m wondering if anyone or everyone could go skill by skill here and show the E score breakdown/deductions.

Im digging around the board for quotes on her scores.


On the plus side I could quote the comments about height and amplitude. In the minus column she has some crossed legs and hops.

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Here’s a Denn quote about her exercise earlier in the year that’s relevant.

Are people just “feeling” their way into thinking the routine isn’t as good as it is?

The bones of contention seem to be:

  1. she shouldn’t have gotten credit for the gogean so her D should have been 5.9 and not 6.0

  2. her E score was too high

I can get on board with number 1 if screenshots actually prove it (I’ve not yet seen one)

Personally I thought her E was fine. I had Jess an 8.1 (she got 8.2), I had Chiles 8.0 (she got 8.0), I had Andrade 7.9 (she got 7.8), I had Jade 7.7 (she got 7.8).

I don’t know what all the fuss is about. She won by almost 4 tenths. It was a decisive win.


That 14.4 for a well-hit exercise exactly matches her score at Worlds for a well-hit exercise.

Now you’re making me look like I said “I told you so”! LOL.

My hypothesis is that Worlds judges deducted steps and hops on landings a little less than some of the scorers in this forum did (some of those 0.3s could just be 0.1) and that artistry deductions were a little more. So the scores were similar overall but gotten to in a different way.

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No deduction for a pause. It is clearly not 2 seconds.
Silivas - 0.1 legs; 0.1 chest; 0.3 step
Chuso - 0.1 leg separation; 0.1 step
Switch Ring - 0.1 body shape (foot at head height)
Gogean (attempt) - 0.1 body shape (bent knee); 0.1 precision - short (controlled lunge, no off-balance deduction)
Switch Full - 0.1 body shape (not quite 180; feet/legs not perfect); 0.1 feet apart on landing (again, controlled lunge, no off-balance deduction)
Popa - No deduction
0.1 pause
Front Full - 0.1 legs crossed/slight knee bend
Double Tuck - 0.1 feet; 0.1 body posture; 0.3 hop back
Artistry - 0.0

Total = 1.9 in deductions, 8.1 E Score


Back 3/2 - this is slightly better than Jess’, I could take a tenth for legs here, as I did for Jess, but benefit to gymnast, no deduction
Full In - 0.1 leg separation; 0.1 small hop
I could take an adjustment/pause deduction here - she brings the foot back without choreography, which is a clear adjustment deduction, and she is slow, almost but not quite in pause territory, but I’ll take it as a part of my artistry below, no deduction
Chuso - 0.1 legs; 0.1 hop
Excessive prep before Wolf Turn - 0.1
Double Wolf - 0.1 body shape; 0.1 balance (she is so high in the turn position, I’d like to give a 3 for body shape because it is just so unaesthetic to me, but benefit to gymnast, just the 1)
L Hop 1/1 - she doesn’t have the best feet here, and she’s not above horizontal for the full turn, so there’s a potential for precision here, but again benefit to gymnast on both aspects, no deduction
Gogean (attempt) - 0.1 body shape; 0.1 precision - short; 0.1 feet apart on landing
Switch Side Half - 0.3 body shape (clear almost 90 degree knee bend in the free leg); 0.1 balance adjustment/hop (not a controlled lunge)
Again, this is poor corner work. It’s not quite long enough for a pause deduction, but take as part of artistry below
Front Lay - really borderline bent knee deduction here, but again, benefit to gymnast
Double Tuck - 0.1 feet; 0.1 body posture; 0.3 large hop
Artistry - 0.2 (poor footwork - this is clear, IMO, and I didn’t take it for a couple of elements and instead took the holistic artistry deduction; poor choreography in the corner/lack of variety, as explained above)

Total = 2.1 in deductions, 7.9 E Score (in real time I had an 8.0).

I’ve been more than fair to Chiles here. Given “benefit to gymnast” on multiple occasions. Re-watching the routines now, its actually even clearer to me that Jess was the superior routine here. Jess’ Gogean (which I would have downgraded, same as Chiles) was also much closer to being rotated than Chiles’. Everyone saying Chiles should have won needs to study the Switch Side 1/2 a little closer. Maybe I’m a purist, but that is the clearest 0.3 body shape deduction:


That is not a “slight” knee bend.