Jesolo 2023

Juniors - Saturday 10:00 (local time, UTC+2)
Seniors - Saturday 15:30
Finals - Sunday 14:30

Stream for seniors only tomorrow by the looks of it, there is one for event finals on Sunday as well

I get that there probably isn’t so much interest in this this year with the other competitions going on this weekend and no US senior team, but there are some interesting teams, particularly from Italy and South Korea and the return of Roxana Popa and Ana Perez for Spain.

I’ll be interested to see how the US juniors look compared to the junior world team.

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Ooooh roxana popa! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I tune in after Junior Worlds EF just in time to watch people awkwardly doing the Macarena to trigger my secondhand embarassment. People still remember how to do that?

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Kerri Strug never knew how.

The Macarena is burned deep into my muscle memory.

Hardie won Jesolo, Snyder 2nd.

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where are the live results for this?

If the gymnasts listed with no score are those who are competing in the second subdivision, it looks like Popa is out.

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I dislike this increasing trend of listing family names first for European names.

It’s not an increasing trend, it’s the traditional way across most of Europe. If anything, it is becoming less common as the English/American form takes over

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yeah it’s usual for lists and such. Mind you, we would still read it the other way around, but writing it down like this isn’t new to me.


I would’ve said it was quite old school if anything? Though I don’t really have anything to back that up.

It definitely is. If you look at European gymnastics broadcasts up until the mid 90s, this was the standard way of doing things. it’s more varied now, but not uncommon to still see surnames listed first.

I think what’s new is not sticking to one format. I.e listing some athletes, like Chinese and Japanese as surname first but everyone else given name first


This is in Italy, and I honestly don’t remember seeing that in any old Italian things.

ETA: not to mention, there are plenty of Western European names that start with “de” or “di” or some other particle that, originally, was used to link the first and last names grammatically.

Eh? That’s completely normal for Italy. In Italian schools the students are called by surname then first name

De/Di are nothing to do with linking the first name grammatically.

Di Giovanni is exactly the same surname as Johnson/Ionescu/Ivanov/Hansen/McShane

In a formal list, Carlo Di Giovanni is listed as Di Giovanni, Carlo

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Aren’t databases usually held in alphabetical order according to surname? … except for Iceland

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EFs taking place now. Snyder and Hardie finish 1-2 on beam.

Which demonstrates that the Junior World team just had a bad competition and fought through international competition nerves and the performance was not the result of lost training time due to COVID closures. These two went through what Rivera and Hang went through during the pandemic.


Same in Spain, and we use two surnames. If one of those is a composite you can end up with something like:

López de Villegas García, María

To the general rejoicing of non- Spanish speaking people.

Yes, I think people are overreacting a bit. In 2001, Marta was newly in charge of the program, Yevgeny had his first crop of elites and at the goodwill games, Carly was only on maybe her 2nd international competition.

Imagine people had written them all off.

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