Jade came 14th at Olympic Trials Night 1

If she hadn’t done the World Cup route, and USA had instead earned the final +1 at Pan Ams …

Would Jade be in the conversation for the second +1?

She would have done things differently for sure if she wasn’t locked in.

Being a lock has its benefits.


Didn’t she scratch floor?

No, she watered down.

And I agree, as it stands she wouldn’t be in the conversation at all if she didn’t have the locked spot, but she’d be gutting it out with full difficulty regardless of what her mysterious injury is if she didn’t have a locked spot, so.

Or would she be competing with Skinner for the 4th spot?

I mean if we’re doing the bizarre “taking someone w/ shit bars/beam and questionable fx for a few tenths on vault that don’t matter” then I guess she would.


Unfortunately, this is the state of events we find ourselves in.

If there were two +1 spots for Tom to pick, who do you think he would choose?

Well if he’s anything like me he’d pick his boyfriend for his +1, then someone to bitch with for the other +1. Which, let’s be real, mykayki sounds perfect for.


Agree. It’s really impossible to say. There would clearly be room on the team for someone who can vault and in an ideal world also cover Suni on floor, and that’s at least potentially Jade at the moment, but there would also be competition for the spot. A fully healthy Jade would probably be a shoo in.

All this makes me think she did make the right choice to go this route.

Jade came 13th on Floor on Friday,

Food for thought.

I hope he leg is doing fine. Tom really should have her not competing.

I do wonder why that’s happening. It made a lot of sense before we knew about her injury: of course she wants the opportunity to be on a podium and work some kinks out in competition before Tokyo. Less so now.

She also watered down completely.

She did but her D score was still competitive. She’s nothing without her D score.

To me it didn’t appear that she was trying to drill her landings, she was very bouncy, it seemed on purpose.

Yes, I was in the arena 4th row by floor, and I got the sense she was landing gingerly, favoring one leg particularly in warm-ups.

During the general warm-up she tried several DLOs and one front layout to full-in; she did not attempt a Chuso, Silivas, or Moors. In the one-touch she did a couple of DLOs, left the podium early, and talked with Brian for a long time and seemed unsure whether to compete a routine up until the moment she started.

The Amanar was great, though, and she did one slightly less great in warm-up. I didn’t see her train any 1/2 on vaults.

IIRC, bouncing out of tumbling is a way to protect the ankles. Better to have too much power and bounce out than be short and kill your ankles. I remember Biles saying she lands like that on purpose at practice to avoid injury, then she tries to control her landings in competition.

Biles always looks like she doesn’t really care about her landings cos she’s already won by so much. Maybe it is to save her ankles. Which is fair enough.

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And Jade’s was still more watchable than Skinner’s.