Incorrect OOB?

Chepeleva’s triple twist was something else.

The 2000 Olympics was her only senior competition outside of Russia


Who should the other 2 for Russia had been? Wasn’t Kovalyova out with the failed drug test? Kusnetsova for bars and beam?

Yes, the Russian big four should have ran away with that, but would weaker, perceived or not, five and six added to their pressure? And really any one of the big four doesn’t have their mistake and they win.

Even better, they could still have fallen all over the place and won if they’d stuck a couple more landings during the splatfest. It’s mind blowing.

My favourite thing is that in 00 it was zamo and lobaz, yet in tianjin it was khorkina and prod who biffed beam. It’s kind of nice of them to share this around.

I believe it was supposed to be Dolgopolyova for VT/FX and Kuznetsova for UB/BB. Arkayev felt like he could win gold with the big four and in controversy put his two gymnasts, Chepeleva and Kolesnikova on the team. Kolesnikova was a stand out junior with Kovalyova but never seemed to get anywhere after 1998 Junior Euros. I can’t remember if it was due to injuries or what.
Kolvayova was pretty much dropped after 1999 Worlds and she ended up finishing low in the ranking at Russian Cup in 2000. Her difficulty has dropped too and her execution had regressed and was never able to live up to her 1998 form. IIRC she continued into 2001 but was not able to get back to the level of the national team and she retired before 2002.

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Also Kolesnikova. If she’d repeated her prelims beam performance in TFs, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Although she’s kind of less responsible than the others since she was basically on work experience.

At least she thought fast and stood up instead of crumbling onto the beam or falling

Not exactly correct.

Dolgopolova was by that time, personally coached by Arkayev. Tamara Kokhlova who was the coach of both Dolgopolova and Chepeleva, moved to Germany in 1999 and Arkayev became their coach.

Dolgopolova was originally named to the team but became injured at the pre Olympic camp in Vladivostok. Kuznetsova and Chepeleva were there as the alternates and to no one’s surprise but Kuznetsova, Chepeleva was selected as the replacement.

Kovalyova had a bad year in 1999, dealing with a growth spurt and a change of coaches. By summer 2000, she was back in Novgorod with her original coaches and very much in contention. The situation regarding doping has never been clear. Whether they knew about it when the team was being selected, we don’t know. Given her coaching situation, she was probably never making the team.


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Thank you for the corrections. I do remember the controversy around Arkayev and selecting members from the team that he coached.

I guess injuries caused the depth to be depleted other than Zamo, Lobaz, Prod, Khorkina. With accusations that Chepeleva and Kolesnikova were selected since he was their personal coach.

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