Hurd criticises uploading of Nguyen’s vault

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I’m assuming it is some sort of injury?

Hurd needs to grow up, frankly. I could understand the response if A. It had resulted in a life changing injury or B. Was being used purely for “comedy” ie gymnastic bloopers. But this is a well established gymnastics YouTuber who uploads countless routines every single week from international and NCAA competitions


It’s not like people can’t pull up the UF/OU meet and find a clip of her vault if they really want to see it. In real time, it was much scarier than the slo-mo replay.

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It’s the overzealous social justice warrior in Hurd that made her post that.

This was a case of Nguyen choking under pressure. They have been trying to get the 1 1/2 from her in competition and I guess Jenny decided that Oklahoma was the day they would rest tons of people and put in others.


I don’t doubt that Hurd is an overzealous social justice warrior. But I’m not sure how posting videos of gymnastics routines that involve a mistake is a social justice issue.

Normally I don’t care, but this just makes me want to see the video :woman_shrugging:

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There was less outrage from Julissa Gomez’ SISTER when someone inadvertently uploaded coverage that showed the accident that lead to her sister’s PARALYSIS AND DEATH. She explained and asked the user to delete or edit out the video and thanked them for doing so.
Meanwhile Morgan is worried about her bestie’s hurt feelings.


Morgan Hurd has always just annoyed me. There. I said it.


Me too. Everything about her annoys me


Not an injury, but a very scary vault.

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I had the same thought. It was scary.

If it’s ok, I’ll post a link if someone wants to see it. If not, YouTube has it. Second rotation.


People on Reddit are saying the poster isn’t actually Morgan Hurd, it’s a new account that doesn’t line up with her usual posts. I cannot say for sure.

Like who… Would do that???

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The judgmental call-outs are rising. Everyone is supposed to be hurt or mad about everything.

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I have a family member who is in a constant state of outrage. She’s exhausting to be around.


This is the Twitter effect. I hardly go on anymore because people are on there 24/7 being outraged about something.


It’s the internet. Whatever the ‘that’ is, someone will always do it.

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If so then they are doing an EXTREMELY accurate job of impersonating her

I Agree

This is why I can’t with Generation Z-ers.