How some people reacted to Simone's tweet about drug testing

Tbh the point of me making the thread wasn’t to critique Simone - I don’t think it’s diva-ish to complain about testing. But I just had to vent about the reaction from some of the absolute psychos on Twitter


I am not all over social media so this whole thread has been very confusing to me… I see Simone’s tweet now and the 1st tweet of the thread of Kylie but I guess I am missing where Simone says it’s in retaliation in her tweet

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Not sure if you noticed, but I retitled the thread to reflect your intention.

Yes, I thought Simone’s tweet was fairly unremarkable too. I don’t think I’d have realised ahead of time that it would lead to people claiming she was being targeted because she spoke about Nassar, so I can see why she didn’t either.


I think it comes across as being a diva. Part of the job. If you don’t like it officially retire.

Part of being a role model is …being a role model.

Drug testing is there to try and stop drug cheats. You have to be seen to back and encourage that.


The tweet doesn’t feel any different to me than when I complain that my end users need to learn to try looking up the answers to their own questions. People asking easily googled or nonstop questions is a moderately annoying part of my job, and I vent about it when it gets on my nerves too much. Every job has its annoying parts, and we all complain about them.

From what I’ve read about being in the drug testing pool, it really is a massive pain in the neck just in general and not exactly fun for anyone when the testers do show up. I’d gripe occasionally too. I don’t see any reason she should have thought process of “I’m going to post this one-liner about why my job is annoying today because I want to vent” to “If I post this people are going to think WADA is deliberately targeting sexual assault survivors.” Maybe if I spent more time on Twitter it would be logical, but from where I’m sitting, that’s a leap.


“Leave me alone bruh” sounds more like The Dude than a diva, to me. She probably had some plans that the testing interrupted, was cranky and venting. Being a “role model” doesn’t mean you have to stop being human.


I was in a job where i “randomly” got called for testing twice in a week. I was definitely feeling targeted but it was honestly that they had gotten a glut of funding and needed to use it up. But man, it sucked. I don’t pee well on command. Id give blood samples all day but ppeing in a cup is not…ideal for women. Shocking that they haven’t come up with some improvement/device there. After the second test call, i was like, i am not answering my phone ever again and then got my job changed up so i wasn’t needed to be in the testing pool.

I don’t blame Simone. You don’t get called for months then it happens in close succession and you can’t help but feel unlucky because your brain doesn’t take into account all those weeks you weren’t called.