How is the mobile site working?

I am using an iphone se which is running software version 14.4.2

I have been using the edge browser.

The only other mobile device I can try is an old ipod (that is not running remotely current iOS.) I had the same keyboard delays using the quote feature–to the point of getting frustrated and ditching my typo-laden comment. But on that old device I wouldn’t think the errors are a gymnaverse problem.

@falcon9 I noticed that the forum seems to be working better on my phone in the last week or so. I’ve been able to use the quote feature on my phone. I did update to iOS 14.6 (but maybe I have just become more familiar with how the mobile site works).

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Mobile site is working great for me aside from getting the odd ad as mentioned upthread. I never managed to use wwgym on my phone but tbh I didn’t try that hard as it was probably better for my productivity :grin: Now I can read and post on my phone, very dangerous!

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Let me double check with the ad company and see if they have a fix for rogue ad yet. I was hoping that would be fixed by now… but I am still seeing it as well.

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I am still seeing the ads as well on mobile.

I am seeing the ad too.

The rogue ad should be gone now.

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Great, thanks for sorting it/poking the people who sorted it.