How is the mobile site working?

  • Fast & awesome!
  • Ok
  • Slow & not good
  • I just don’t get this software

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It works pretty fast, but I am a “defender” and still get ads when on mobile, is that normal?

(I also don’t love that when you try to see what a person is replying to, it jumps you up to the comment and then you have to scroll back down to where you were. I wish reply just auto-quoted (indented, or in a different color) the original post so you could just glance and keep track of the conversation)

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No… the ad company is still working out the details. Is it just the one ad that pops up full screen every once in a while in between page loads? If so… then I am having the same issue.

I have a help ticket into the ad company to get this fixed.

Hopefully this issue will be fixed early next week. Once we get the issue fixed… I will reset everyones memberships so they go 1 year from the point that everything is working correctly.

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Ok… let me see what I can do here. This is annoying in my opinion too.

Above I highlighted the text and pressed “quote”… this one I did not.

This one I did not either.

I see… on desktop it will show the quote if you click your name. On mobile… it jumps up.

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I highlighted your whole post and hit quote. In the past, it would just strip out the quoted stuff because it was the entire post, checking to see if that is the case on mobile.

Kept it, I like that but I rarely highlight and quote, I just hit the reply button.

On mobile, there doesn’t seem to be a quick way to jump to the end of the thread. I’m having to scroll down - wait for it to load - scroll down more - wait for it to load - you get the idea. I’m on iPhone.


I find my phone keyboard sometimes becomes suddenly squirrely when I try to reply on mobile, but that may be a ‘my phone’ issue.

Ok… try now. The mobile progress bar and back button should be there now on mobile. You can click on the mobile progress bar to move through the post. You can click on the button to go back to the furthest post that you have seen.

I’m not sure about this one… anyone else having this issue?

Seems fixed! Mobile progress bar is back now.

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My issues could be user error. I cannot get the quote feature to work on the phone–it seems to stall. Sometimes I read the forum on my phone, but tonight I got frustrated and switched back to the computer after a bit.

(That’s probably not specific enough to be helpful.)

Do you mean when you are highlighting the text and then the quote button appears… or when you are hitting the direct reply button that is right inside of the post next to the right of the heart?

After I highlight the text, the quote icon/button appears. When I select quote, it seems that my keyboard freezes up or lags dreadfully. Mostly if I want to quote someone and respond, I pull out the laptop.

Interesting… can you try it on someone else’s phone or a different device when you get a chance?

I just tried here and it seems to be working on my phone.

Ok… read this post… the “mobile progress bar” should be back now…

@QuietColours and @ucrgirl What type of phones are you using and what browser? We have two people with weird keyboard issues on mobile… anyone else?

Android Moto G Power, running Android 11 (although I think it started before I upgraded, but I’m not certain. It happens on Chalkbucket too), using Firefox 89.1.1