Hopes Champion Jaysha McClendon

The Classics thread is so long, wanted to give Jaysha her own. She fell on beam and still dominated the competition. She is 12 (born in 2011) from Arizona. She also won the youngest age group at level 10 nationals earlier this year. She has great rhythm on beam, good basics on all events, her coach seems to be pacing her well, only having her throw the skills she can do well. I have high hopes for her!


I’m not sure I’m emotionally prepared to watch elite level gymnastics from people born in two thousand and eleven


Agreed. My brain “autocorrects” to 2001.

I actually typed 2001 at first😂. My brain couldn’t comprehend it either.

Born the same year Wieber won the World AA title, who was born the year Moceanu won her national AA title.

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2011 girls can’t go senior until 2027!

Wow. I am so old.

This is why I never look at my students’ birth years. It gets more depressing every year.

Jaysha has HUGE potential, especially on bars.


I know it!

My friend’s daughter just got her driver’s license. She was born in 2007!

My friend’s son who I have known since he was itty-bitty just graduated high school and completed his first semester of college.

As a uni lecturer - I concur.

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For my school and all sports schools in Russia, our intake when school starts up next month will be 2016 kids. In December, the 2017 kids will come to try out for the programme.

Ok…trigger warning here

This kid was 2 when Simone first became world champion.

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Ma’am please.

We’re at the point where new seniors will only remember Simone. They may have vague memories of watching Gabby Douglas in 2012, but they’d have been 4-5. Any upcoming gymnast will only know life under Simone’s domination. That’s crazy.

I coach kids whose graduation year is 2034…

I’ll be dead and gone before they graduate. :rofl::rofl::rofl: