Hiding Mobile Topic Progress Bar

Is there a way to turn off the bottom where it tells you how far you’ve scrolled? It’s really distracting.

I moved this to the feedback category and created a topic for it.

I am not sure… I will look into it.

That bar actually functions at the “jump to post” button if you click on it.

Ok… here you go… there are now 2 themes…

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 10.09.44 PM

You can select a theme from your profile interface settings. Click on your icon in the upper right >> the profile head tab on the right >> preferences >> interface >> theme >> select “Gymnaverse - No Mobile Progress Bar” >> scroll down and “save changes”

You may have to log out and log back in to get it to work.

This new theme only hides it on mobile devices. I will have to mess with is more to see if I can hide it on a narrow desktop vew.

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Thank you so much!*****

Remember… we have two themes. I highly recommend the Default theme with the “mobile progress bar” unless you absolutely know that you do not like it.

The “mobile progress bar” allows you to jump to the furthest point in the topic in which you have read. This is useful when you read a quote on mobile as it jumps you back up to the quoted post… then you can hit the little “back” button to return.

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