Gymnaverse Communication (Mission #2)

We have really gotten the site going nicely. Current stats are…

340 Members
300+ Topics
12,000+ Posts

Here is Mission #2

space rocket GIF by NASA


  1. Install Gymnaverse on your mobile device.
  1. Follow us on Twitter & Facebook (in case of site outages and for current news)…

Once you complete this mission… reply to this topic!

If you haven’t completed Mission #1… it is below…

Mission #3 coming soon!

iOS Directions

Gymnaverse mobile is a PWA (Progressive Web App) so you do not get it from the Apple App Store. There are no push notifications… however… I am hopeful that they will be coming to PWA for iOS eventually.

Android Directions

Can someone post screenshots for how to do this on Android? I do not have any Android devices. I can them move them into this post.

Mission accomplished! I best go do mission one now :grin:

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I don’t post much but I read often and love this site! Mission 2 is done! :heavy_check_mark:

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When do I get to go to space?
I don’t have nearly as much money as Bezos but I live down the street from the Amazon warehouse…does that count?

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I’m totally a space freak… it’ll be quite the day when we have our first post on the forum from space!

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Again… thank you all for joining the site and taking part. Don’t forget to complete our Gymnaverse missions…

Mission Control Mars GIF by NASA