Gymnast Social Media Megathread

She made huge improvements during her elite career.

Same Wevers new beam routine. I don’t think it plays to her strengths.

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I agree it doesn’t suit her that well. I do however love the green on her leo. Stunning color.


1:20 :nauseated_face:

Yeah. Flexed feet! Pretzel body. And that was a choice.

The initial choreography get to the prone is quite nice and then…the equivalent of a swatika’ed layout step. There is no accounting for taste - or the lack there of.

what is the D value for that

It’s an N. For NO, GIRL


I am surprised people aren’t complimenting the change in choreography. I love it.


Eh, it was very modern dance move to me. It’s fine…or at least different. A person does get tired of basic finger flickin’ choreography.


She looks awkward to me. I like the part that everyone else seems to dislike.

It’s thematic and expresses a point of view. That can’t be said about very many beam exercises since 1990something



the choreo from 0:50 to 1:04 is very slow, which is totally fine but she looks unsteady with it. Yurchenko was notoriously slow, but you could see her counting the choreography and every moment was deliberate

Great to see something different and parts of it I like very much. I completely lack the vocabulary required to describe dance and dance styles. Looking forward to seeing this when she gets more comfortable with it.


Very unique. I liked it a lot

It feels awkward to me, and it does seem slow. I appreciate that she’s trying to be out of the box, but I am missing a variety of tempo here more than I do for most routines. It almost feels like “I can’t do quicker choreography” and the movements that are there do not seem natural. Perhaps it has a point of view, but I am having trouble finding a “why” behind any of the movements.

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I think I need to see it when it’s been competed a bit more.

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It might not have been ready to show and it was a mistake. Hopefully she can make it look better through the next year. Or make changes.

Probably not. I still liked it.