Gymnast Social Media Megathread

I remember reading an article about a swimmer that deferred three years for the 2021 Olympics and I know it cost her a year of eligibility. I’m guessing that third year Jade deferred but was taking classes counted as her redshirt year. If you are only allowed one Olympic deferral then next year would be a use it or lose it year.

I have my doubts about ever seeing Shilese competing for Florida, and if she doesn’t start until after Paris she’s going to be 22 years old as a freshman. If she’s not taking classes online then I’m guessing she’ll have two years of eligibility. Maybe three if she graduated from high school late.

Suni’s LOSO beam mount. I hope she keeps that in; it’s so beautiful.


Love it. It’s so floaty and easy-looking.

She looks … different…

Could you elaborate on that? I’m not seeing anything.

I believe it’s a comment about her appearance

I don’t see a difference in her appearance, so I was curious what Doug is seeing. The ellipsis’ in Doug’s post make me feel like he’s implying something that I’m not picking up, but I’m not great at reading tone.

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her arms look straighter on her bhs but that’s all I’m seeing

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Maybe it’s the video. She looks (much) thinner. To me.

She’s training a gainer double full beam dismount. Not sure if she’s playing or not.

Honestly she looks the same to me?

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in the gainer video she does. which is why i’m thinking the LOSO mount video might be adjusted somehow

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Ian Gunter made it to ESPN for his use of Tik Tok!


I must say, I really enjoy his little videos. I see them on YouTube or Facebook, as I am not 12 and don’t use Tik Tok. :stuck_out_tongue:

If whoever was recording used 0.5 zoom one time and 1.0 zoom the next, it could look wildly different depending on how close they are to her.

Comeback alert:


Fred Richard is a very entertaining guy.

And in real news:

Voinea wants to bring Amanar and Cheng to worlds.