Gymn Safety & Well-Being

Is this a COVID area? Or is this about injury management, or all of the above? And why is it locked? Is it expected to be controversial? The title’s intriguing. Just kind of mysterious, especially as it’s locked.

@Denn can better explain this category… but basically it is here to help people in times of need.

It is locked to the general public… meaning… you cannot see it unless you are logged in.

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Ahhh, OK. Thank you. Good idea.

This forum is for injury management and COVID health, as @MLSWAG said, but also for discussions relating to the psychological and emotional well-being of gymnasts. At WWGym, we had lots of discussions about that and sometimes those threads would sit in the WAG forum amidst lots of other threads that were very different in nature. My sense is that many members believed that we need to actively discuss such issues an ongoing way in order to help ensure that we do our part to make sure that gymnasts suffer as little as possible in the future. Talking doesn’t fix everything, to be sure, but I do believe that it can help and it’s what we do in a discussion forum.

The password protection is to prevent the threads in this category from (a) turning up in Google Searches and (b) being widely read by the world. That’s not to say that we should carelessly share the personal information of anyone (we should definitely not) but that the added layer of protection could be helpful.