Grace McCallum hacking: how safe is social media?

The “n” word appeared as a tweet by Grace. Not sure why she was hacked except jealous people.

I’ve honestly not noticed this happen before in the Olympic context, but it’s kind of scary, imho. How easy is it to hack Twitter or IG or whatever other forms of social meda are popular now? What should be done?

edit by RedBirdie: I’ve removed the tweet in question due to feedback


Oh no - that’s terrible!
The replies are so bad.

People suck.

I can’t believe (well I actually can) someone did that.

:wave: Software engineer here

I would say it’s somewhat easy to be hacked if you just use your average username/password. People use rainbow tables and other things to basically match the hashed password with common human readable words. However, if you use 2-factor with an authenticator app then it’s fairly difficult to get hacked, unless the site itself messes up.


American social media is very easy to hack. We teach it in our schools in Russia.


It’s also possible someone got hold of her smartphone. It’s pretty common for people to stay logged into sites/apps.

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Her password was probably “Tokyo2020”

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Does the tweet really need to be part of the post? It should at least come with a trigger warning or be deleted.



Trolls are going to troll.

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I actually saw this post and reported my own OP in agreement with you. I think I rushed to put this on the site because to me it was potentially an interesting conversation, so how the post appeared kind of went in one eye and out the other (?) .

Sorry to offend anybody with this. My intentions were good.


Thank you @RedBirdie