Gabby’s Ling

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I dislike it when people call these elements “Ling” and “Lin”. I mean, come on, how are we supposed to remember which is which? Even “Ono” is tough for a lot of people to remember.

I would prefer to call them “El-grip full” and “el-grip full spin”. (or even “El-full” and “el-spin”)

I mean, I posted it because it looked great!

But I disagree. The three different types of “el grip 1/1” must be differentiated somehow. The names give respect to their originators. Which one of the three are you calling the “spin”?

I think a lot of Chinese fans would disagree with you, too.

Here is a guide from spencer to assist:


Honestly the names of these skills aren’t the problem, it’s distinguishing one from another in real time that’s hard. :exploding_head: I resort to calling them E pirouettes.


I said “full spin”.

BTW, these names aren’t in the COP, and I don’t know who “spencer” is and why you care what he says.

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yes 100%! Spencer’s guide is very useful!

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which one of the three are you calling the “full spin”?

For whatever reason, I blacked out of the fact that these three skills (and their three 1.5 counterparts) had already been in the same two boxes for the 2017-2021 CoP. Six skills for two boxes… I’m kind of surprised we haven’t seen more Endo pirouettes from China, but they’ve innovated greatly with inbars, Shaposh combos, and release combos