Gabby Douglas back in training

In an ideal world, she - and other gymnasts - would do something like: 1-arm BWO + BHS + LSO or BHS + LSO + Korbut. The 1st being an easy +0.1 for an elite without risk of transitioning from Dance to Acro; the 2nd being a nicer option to get close-to-the-beam for composition/choreography purposes.

I’d go with:

  • BHS (D) - I could see her doing a Front Pike (E) easily enough, it’s just the lack of B Dance elements to connect to make it worthwhile…
  • Back Full (F)
  • BHS (B) + LSO (C) + LSO (C) = +0.2
  • Front (D) + Split (B) + BHS (B) = +0.2
  • Aerial (D) + Straddle (B) + Korbut (B) = +0.2
  • Double Wolf (D)
  • Back Extension (C) + Switch (C) + Switch Side (C) = +0.2
  • RO+BHS+2/1 = B+B+C = +0.1

CCD | CDDDF = 3.2 DV
CR = 2.0
CV = 0.9

TOTAL = 6.1
Removing elements/connections in italics = 5.7; but, I don’t see how she could possibly be in good enough shape for a Tuck Full, but not be able to complete a Front Tuck connection, which was one of her better elements and adds 0.1 - 0.3 to her score.

RE: DMT, we’ve never a Double Tuck before, AFAIK, and her position on FX was pretty bad, so I don’t see it. Either she goes for Double Pike and its deductions, or maybe works up to a 2.5?

For reference, this was her level of coordination in June. Let’s see how things go at WOGA.

You missed both points: (a) to use mostly her repertoire of skills and connections (the wolf spin was cheeky) and (b) to get a strong total score, not a high D-score, which really is not how to do well on beam anymore.

And yes, she competed a double tuck dismount for several years, the body position was fine except feet, and she always landed upright.

can I get a vid of this? I don’t think I’ve ever seen this?

I’m not sure how often she did this combo but here’s one time


I mean, if this was an actual Layout, the RO-Layout would be B-E 0.1CV, no?

The front handspring would also get connection bonus - it’s rebounding! Series bonus would be given for this too, so .3 cv in total. She’ll get a deduction for low chest on the layout but if that’s making it easier to land, then it’s worthwhile.

The code does say “developing speed in one direction”

Remember, it’s the WAG Code. You can always count on it to be ultra-specific to the exclusion of common sense.


So, uh, has Gabby said anything or are these still just rumors?

Not rumors, Gabby is indeed back in trining at WOGA.

What is not clear is “why” she is training.
Is this to make an elite comeback or to get into gymnastics shape for gymnastics related opportunities.
Jess O’Beirne made it see like it was an elite comeback but she also mentioned that McClain had quit elite, which McClain stated in social media was untrue.

Yes, back to training at new gym WOGA.
Unclear, rationale for training at WOGA.

Multiple gymnasts have made a comeback(s) before at the same age as Gabby or at the length of time out of serious competition. So it is reasonable to think she might be training again with ambitions to compete elite again.

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Gabby in class line-up. So that means the elite group!? I bc assume!

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What does the headline say (can you click see more)?

No announcements from Gabby yet but she stepped back from SM in August after an announcement. I wonder if thinking about herself brought her back to training? Her first comeback might have left her feeling incomplete.

Well, I’m sure this win’t send gymnastics twitter into a totally riot given that its the day after Thanksgiving and most Americans are off today.

I’m very impressed that WOGA’s athlete and parent community has managed to avoid the temptation of talking about this online in some big major way where we’re hearing about how many days she’s training and whether or not she lost her splits.


She will still be able to the splits in 2060 i’ll bet.


WOGA has always managed to keep things quiet. Always been of the gyms that its hardest to find out what’s going on with their gymnasts (and coaches!). I assume there’s an understanding that parents being caught feeding the gymnastics gossip mill will result in their daughters being kicked out.

It’s wild that Douglas competed with both Memmel and Sacramone. They were all at US Nationals in 2011.

It’s like she said Oh Alicia’s in charge now? Sure I’ll come back.