French Federation F*^#ery

In the latest edition of the FFG continuing to shoot themselves in the foot in the lead up to Paris, they’ve downgraded Avoine-Beaumont club’s status and effectively removed them from the Top 12 league. It seems they’d rather tank at a home Olympics than allow their authority to be challenged. On the men’s side, Marinitch was sacked in January. It seems plausible that France fails to qualify men’s/women’s teams to their home Olympics entirely due to mismanagement and corruption.

While Heduit and Nemour have been the main victims, I’d bet it’s difficult for the other NT members to adequately prepare for worlds this year seeing their teammates subjected to this type of treatment and knowing that their own future in the sport is at the mercy of the caprices of egotistical bureaucrats.

The president also seems to be incredibly nonchalant about the Stade2 report on abuse.

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Not to defend the French Fed, but wasn’t Marinitch fired because he’s a raging alcoholic?

No, because it’s France. You can’t fire everyone who’s a ranging alcoholic, the country would grind to a halt

Yes, it was because of an alcohol related incident.

I am shocked (ok I am not really) that he was hired by France considering his documented sexual assault of Steven Legendre’s wife Alaina.

I don’t follow the French domestic setup closely enough to understand this myself, but is there any possible non-dick explanation for the downgrade? They seemed to be one of the best clubs.

One can only just marvel at the mishandling of what will be the premier sport at the Summer Olympics they will be hosting in one short year. Extra attention will be on the French team. Instead of going all out to showcase a team that has generally flown under the radar other than a standout here and there, sneak into team finals, and invest in their current standouts that have a chance at medals, they’re doing…this. The current frontrunner for UB champion fucked off to another country because France was going to prevent her from competing at all. Their other current standout moved out of the country to train with (French) American coaches. It’s just incredible.


I hope NBC makes a vignette about all of this.


And the parents of their junior are reminding the media that her grandparents are Portuguese :joy:


I don’t understand this situation either but
Dumpster Fire GIF

Imagine if France don’t qualify a team to their home games due to federation shenanigans.


Doesn’t seem much a stretch at this point.


I thought the home team gets an automatic spot :woman_shrugging:

No. They get an automatic individual spot for both MAG and WAG.

The only team spot they get is for RG group.

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The French team is a mess. What even are the potential line-ups for Worlds? They really needed their own version of Helen Kevric to boost the veterans.


Geez, home MDJDS doesn’t pick the wrong day to have a bad day. I need her to qualify and finally reach her potential. I didn’t get to see Iordache have an amazing Olympics but did get it with Andrade–Melanie is the only fav remaining with some unfinished business.

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Even if some how France doesn’t get a full team qualified. If they finished 13-15 they will get two spots.
If they finished below that, MDJDS would be an individual qualifier certainly.

I think France will be in the top 9 (- USA, GBR, CAN) so they will get a full team.

Shades of Australia 2000, perhaps without all the internal chaos.

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