French Elite Championship

Thanks to our friend LiviefromParis who shares a lot.

täis boura


Djenna Laroui

MDJDS bars in competition

in training

Täis Boura

Different angle for MDJDS bar routine

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I saw somewhere MDJS had surgery in December. IIRC it was her knee. Has anyone seen this too? I wanted to tell someone but couldn’t remember where I saw it. It would explain why she’s only doing bars. And might make sense why she’s doing classic…to showcase her routines for France after more recovery time.

I don’t remember the surgery but I knew she had some trouble adjusting to the different training schedule when she moved.

She said here some things I didn’t know.

Ok I found when she had the knee surgery. This says December.

Elena Colas (born 2010) just threw an inbar full to Fabrichnova dismount!!

Twitter seems to be down right now so I can’t link the tweet, but the user @ILoovEnglish (Liviefromparis) tweeted a screenshot from Colas’ mom’s social media. She is angry that the French federation does not want her coaches to be present at international competitions, thus Colas might seek to represent another nation

France is… insert colorful phrase for screwing up.

What does the French fed have against the Avoine club? What’s the story here? Is it really just simple pettiness and jealously?

It doesn’t sound like federation has handled this well at all, but is there still an investigation into the Avoine club/coaches? Are we looking at the parents of a 13 year old threatening to switch countries to stay with coaches in that situation?

Colas is also doing some crazy difficulty for someone who won’t be eligible for senior competition for another three years.

The lack of transparency France’s federation has on what their decisions are a justification is killing them. If they have good reason for decisions they should make a public statement.

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What country could Elena Colas represent?

She has Portuguese grandparents iirc