Flavia has a DLO 1/1!

Gymnastics I Inside Gymnastics shared a post on Instagram: "It’s almost go time in Paris! 🇫🇷 See InsideGym.com for the schedule, links, and who is competing! 

Posted @withrepost • @cbginastica Outra que não tá pra brincadeira aqui em Paris 🇫🇷 é a...

And it’s great!!

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Is there supposed to be a video?


Insert facetious remark about there not being a video (hungover here)

Lol I totally linked the video I don’t know what happened there!

Were you in your cups last night? Is that the correct British saying? LMAO.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Chusovitina. It has clear execution issues and she stepped back and OOB. But that is just from the one clip, so maybe it will be better.

She didn’t step OOB, they were just using a lined mat

She clearly steps off the mat and into the red out of area carpet.

I’d never actually heard that one until today, but google says yes so I appear to have been schooled on the matter by an American! Mind you, most words and phrases can mean drunk in British and Irish English if the context is correct.

There are multiple angles of it online, she didn’t step far enough back to go OOB

Care to share? The posted one above is OOB from that viewpoint.

Just found it. It’s V close, though. I think in comp she would be able to tell where she can step.

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I have only ever heard this phrase in the context of Game of Thrones/ASOIAF.

Yeah, I’m familiar with the expression, but only from fantasy novels that are trying to channel the medieval Britain. I assume it was the hip way to say you’re drunk in 1254 or something.

It still looks out to me, but yeah its borderline. If the sting mat was not there she would have gone out for sure.