Fisk allegations of bullying/hazing

No it was not mentioned. How do we know they were the ones that did this? If it did actually happen.

I am ending the discussion because we have gone off topic, feel free to message me if you want to continue the conversation.

If that is convenient for you.

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I have personal knowledge. I also know that other news organizations are fully aware of the full story. Several people close to the situation believe that the full story was not reported as the issue could have been misconstrued as an anti Asian hate crime (with Jeffrey’s being half Filipino) perpetrated by African Americans which unfortunately has been the case for a significant number of anti Asian hate in California and other states including the one Suni experienced.

Can you help me understand? Sardines are fished off of five continents and Morocco is the biggest exporter of sardines

I don’t know what the actual fish was. It was a large tin of fish in oil imported from the Philippines they probably thought Sardines due to the smell however I doubt anyone on the team can read Tagalog.

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Let’s get back to Fisk. Anyone interested in further discussing UCLA’s past issue can take it somewhere else.

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Any conversations that someone seeks to continue must be through messaging that person directly and discussing through that avenue.

After post 105, any posts that are not on topic related to Fisk University and Leeiah Davis allegations will be deleted.

There is literally nothing to discuss about Fisk until the podcast releases, as there’s no information about what happened.

Not necessarily.
I have heard from a reliable source that Leeiah Davis is in the process of being transferred to a school in the Northeast.
Once she announces that on her IG, she might also release some info. It all depends on what the coaches and AD team think when she gets transferred.

Unfortunately, it might be swept under the rug, as the new university may not want attention from this situation being made overly public.

We shall see!

Looks like Davis found a new home with LIU


Yes. This was the university I mentioned but didn’t want to say it because it was just a comment.

Anything official yet?

She’s on the LIU website, so it’s official.

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Yes. Was just going to say it’s official. She was on roster