Fisk allegations of bullying/hazing

Might be time to bring this back around to original topic. Has anyone heard what is actually going on at Fisk

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Why would you walk on for one year and pay for it when you can get one year of school paid for by another university?

NIL is great and all but it isn’t like Norah Flatley has a huge social media presence or name that would pay for her schooling while at UCLA.

Multiple gymnasts have transferred schools on scholarship for their 5th year, rather than stay at their previous university as a walk on.

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It has been quiet.

Leeiah Davis was a guest on a podcast, but that hasn’t been released yet due to the podcast having to go through the legalities before airing it.


Well darn the article wasn’t available.

Is that where you @KathySantoni got the origin of the tin of sardines? Or do you have personal knowledge?

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Whoa, now. We have no evidence for a lot of what you’re saying here.

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We have no evidence for anything, anyone has said on the subject.

As the saying goes, recollections may vary.

Who would want to be friends with someone who is repeatedly slurring?

Yes we do.

Several gymnasts have spoken out about it. Marz and Sekai went on a podcast and shared what happened.

Yes. But that isn’t evidence

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Of course it is. An athlete’s testimony is evidence.

You are just being silly and combative at this point.

Ah, that oh so unique brand of patronising misogyny that only the males of the gymternet manage to pull off.

It isn’t evidence. It is their version of events. We still don’t actually know anything.


I agree. It’s not fact, it’s someone version of how they saw things. Doesn’t make it fact. Same way if the other girl ever spoke that would be her version of the events. And both would have reason to make themselves look better in their versions of events. Taking someone’s version of events as fact is a mistake


Testimony occurs in a court of law, not a podcast. Also, when they shared their version of the events did they mention the Sardines and bleach? I know what the answer is and find it rather convenient for the victims to leave that part out…

It is still evidence in that we have a side of the story with testimony of events that occurred.

We don’t have Jeffrey’s statements nor do we have UCLA admin statements.

However, several people corroborating the same story is evidence.

Testimony can refer to a person’s experience and can refer to a public written or spoken statement.
It is not limited to a court of law.

At this point, if anyone further wishes to converse about this subject, feel free to message me.

The topic is fully back to Fisk allegations and not UCLA.

Thank you

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testimony of people with knowledge of events is evidence. Credibility is another issue. People hearing or reading the testimony have to make that assessment. But of course its evidence. Evidence is not the equivalence of proof.

Yes, but as has been pointed out by others, nothing in any official capacity has been made publicly available. Statements given by the gymnasts to UCLA as part of an investigation, yes that is evidence. Answers on a podcast, 2nd hand gossip from parents on social media- no.


I love that you completely ignored my other question ( when they shared their version of the events did they mention the Sardines and bleach? ) and are now choosing to end the discussion, how convenient for you. :relaxed:

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you are just wrong. Evidence does not just consist of first hand witness testimony. Anyway, I have not followed this thing and do not have a dog in this fight. But we are using the term evidence in a general way here. Evidence just refers to whatever facts or information is available to indicate whether a thing is true or not. Of course that includes things beyond first hand testimony. Whether specific statements would be admissible if in court or credible is another story. And clearly some evidence is more probative and compelling than other evidence. But its all evidence.

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