Figure Skating Thread (Olympic Spoilers/Discussion starting at post #16)

Yes, of all the actually racist things that go on in sport, she comes out with that nonsense claim instead.


It was a perfect storm for testing delays

  • the tests were taken and shipped in the middle of European major holiday season that sees huge shipping delays and shortened working weeks - sample taken during western European Christmas holidays (Dec 25 or Christmas Day) in much of Europe the 26 Dec is also a public holiday … as is Dec 31/Jan 1 (New Year) as is Epiphany (Jan 6). All of this would slow shipping and testing

  • then the sample arrived just as Stockholm was hit by the huge Omicron/Covid outbreak resulting in lab staff shortages

  • then there was the issue that Russia did not mark Valieva’s sample as a priority sample for testing.

I think the 3 main reasons given to let her skate were:

  1. There was not time for Valieva to put together a legal defence. To force her to do so on 4 days notice was unfair.

  2. she’s under 16 and the relevant rules don’t actually explicitly say what to do in the event a Protected Person tests positive. So, do the normal rules apply? Most people I think would assume they would, but they didn’t have time for legal arguments on that point.

  3. To not let her skate would cause her irreparable harm. If you at least let her skate you can always go back and subsequently DQ her.

In my view, they didn’t sufficiently weigh the “irreparable harm” to the other competitors in allowing her to skate, and the consequences flowing from that. And also, the irreparable harm to the olympics. Surely harms must be weighed against each other.

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Yes that racism claim was ridiculous. She got banned because she’s American (and, as a result, positive test suspensions aren’t sought out to get overturned) and an Adult.

Now, the fact that THC is on the Prohibited List - maaaaaybe you could argue there’s some legacy racism on there. But that’s not what Richardson was arguing.


Tch has been a discussion point for a while tho. Deferr lost his 2002 fx silver because of a joint too, i remember the whole marihuana discussion was a thing in some parts of the media back then.

I don’t like the marijuana rule, but it is what it is. It isn’t news to anyone that you need to abstain if you want to go to the Olympics. If Richardson were trying to campaign to have that lifted, I’m sure many of us would support her. And if she is, she’ll need better arguments than this.

And yy re this all being a perfect storm. The number of things that had to fall into place for this completely ridiculous situation to present itself. I genuinely had never considered what might happen with a backlog and a kid before. This has just not been a good few weeks to try and get anything pressing at all done in Europe.


Btw lemme come back with some RECEIPTS



Haha oh I always give her Double L I thought you were referring to the reverse Double Turn out haha

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More rando drama:

You’d think they’d like the free publicity!

maybe the lawsuit is how they get more free publicity? (I personally found the music for that short program forgettable but liked their long program a lot)

I do think that I recall skaters who had used certain artists (like Prince and maybe Frank Sinatra) for show skates had the videos pulled from youtube.

  1. What an embarrassing band name
  2. How are music rights not a settled issue?
  3. For crying out loud, it’s a cover

Melnikova was saying the artist wanted a ridiculous sum of money for her floor music for the Olympics. The Russian fed said no, so that’s why they were forced to change her music.

But yes you would think the artist would want the free publicity :woman_shrugging:

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I have trouble believing that marijuana gives an athletic advantage.

Wasn’t she quoted saying she cried the first time she heard it? Little did she know how much she was going to love performing to that earbleed in tokyo, got her a medal every time

It doesn’t give an athletic advantage, Richardson admitted it gave her an emotional advantage. That is performing enhancing. It’s the same reason Simone has a TUE for ADHD medication, because they enhance her performance by improving her mental state.

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If I’d known, I’d have paid it


It absolutely does when you are using it to calm yourself down and helps you get your emotions in check.

It is not like Richardson said “Oops, well I was at a party and it is legal in XXX state.”
She admitted that she used marijuana to calm herself down and relieve her stress and anxiety dealing with the loss of her mother.

Yes, repressive regimes are famous for promoting individual expression, like criticism of the government, not!

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Never mind that the Soviet Union ceased to be 30 years ago.