FIG 2022-2024 Code Of Points

FIG published the new CoP, you can find it here…

You can find all the other ones at the following link as well…

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if the goal is to make sure I don’t actually do work today, mission accomplished :slight_smile:

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Oooooh. Is there any way we can do a pdf redline?

WTC must be tired of the B/C dismounts since they’re planning to give a 2 tenth bonus for D dismounts without a fall.

ETA: I’m surprised they still haven’t added prescribed positions for pike jumps.



All the expected stuff. Candle is a C. Jump full on beam now a B (so crossways down to C).

There will now be 7 E Panel judges at Worlds and Olympics but, INEXPLICABLY, only the 3 middle scores will be averaged. I just cannot.

Wolf turns on BB and FX are STILL D and E. Again, I cannot. I can’t see any “root Max” stuff - I hope to god it’s in there.

On bars - only the first tkatchev, without a turn, of any kind, will be recognised. This is a huge change. Someone like Becky Downie’s routine would be decimated.

Annoyingly they don’t separate F G H I and J elements. So I can’t see if they’ve changed Biles’ beam dismount.


Only one turn (pirouette) in tuck stand on one leg (BB & FX) will receive DV, in chronological order.

Praise Pod!


Praise the Lord.

I still think they should have gone down one letter. I would love to never see one ever again tbh!

it will hurt someone like Downie, but I don’t think it’s quite as bad as you might think:

Only one “Tkatchev” type element without turn from each line in the Table of Elements will be recognised.

So, you can still do a piked tkatchev, and a church, and a Downie in the same routine,

Although entirely possible I am misunderstanding.

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Ooooh I see!

Apparently Nabz is down to F?! I can’t see it in the TOE maybe it’s in the shorthand section at the back?

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My read, based on the numbering system, is it is an H.

Page 98 of the PDF. “Pike sole circle bwd with counter stretched – reverse hecht in layout position over HB to hang (Nabieva)”

They have it listed as the same number as Tweddle, 5.610. Which, uhhhhhhh…so many this is just an error and the Nabz should be 5.710 (that would keep it as a G skill)

Apparently Fan UB dismount down to C.

So they didn’t change it :frowning:

An open pike is now a 0.1 deduction. I always thought it was?

Wolf jump double on floor is now an E. good luck and god speed


LMAO. That is a well-earned E.

Piked Jaeger back down to D.

And apparently now E pirouette to E release now gets 0.2?

I can’t think of many, now the Piked Jaeger is down. Inbar full to Ricna? Ono to Jaeger 1/2?

A few that come to mind that have been done:

piked stalder full + Komova
piked stalder full + piked Tkatchev
l-grip giant 1 1/2 + layout Gienger
jam / Luo + double front 1/2 dismount

A couple more things of interest on bars to note:

  • The Pak salto angle of completion requirement seems to have been removed.

  • Clear hip hect 1/2 has been raised to a D and is not subject to the empty swing deduction, similar to the Shaposhnikova.

  • Both of Teza’s elements have been raised to an E (German giant to Pak salto and German giant to overshoot to handstand).


The bars connections were reworked a lot. This is what happens when you have completely contrived rules that are based on letter values instead of 2 or 3 simple biomechanical principles. They get redone every 4 years. And will probably get redone forever unless they dump the letter combinations and do something intuitive.

They removed some of the artistry deductions on beam and FX. No longer required:

  • confidence on beam
  • having a personal style on beam
  • complexity in the choreo throughout the exercise on beam
  • engaging the audience on floor
  • making sure the choreograhy isn’t poor in the middle or sides of the floor. (it can’t be “poor” in the corners, but elsewhere, no penalty)

Also, it’s okay to do random gestures and facial expressions on FX having nothing to do with the music. (was a deduction before)

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